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Hail the King Chapter 991.1

Chapter 991: There Will Be A Battle (Part One)

“Hahaha! You guys should thank Alexander! Otherwise, do you think my precious liquor could drink so easily?” Shaarawy curled his lips.

This man loved liquor, and he collected many top-tier drinks. The few barrels of liquor that he took out today were all the best in his collection.

“Now that chaos arrived on the continent, other races showed themselves, the gods and demons can’t wait to jump out, and the Holy Church is trying to destroy the world. Although we are supreme masters, we can’t separate ourselves from this Chaos Era. It is good that we have a chance to get drunk today. I don’t know if I will still be alive when the next meetup happens!” It was rare for Milito to say so much in one go, and he sounded a little dispirited.

The three level 9 empires in the Central Region were instantly crushed by the Holy Church, and many of their friends and loved ones died in the war.

Also, in the wars against other races, humans had been losing repeatedly, and millions of people died already. Even though Milito was standing at the top of the pyramid of human masters, he worried for the future of humans and himself.

“Yeah, the lives of warriors are always brilliant yet short-lived; bright in the morning but already turned to dust at night. Getting drunk and enjoying this moment is more important right now,” Palacio said while feeling sentimental, and he raised the barrel in his hands and chugged.

Fei was also feeling a little anxious about the future of Chambord, and he took the barrel that was passed to him and chugged as well.

Today, the six young lords who were famous on the continent met up by chance, and they became good friends. By a nameless lake in the Endless Sea of Forests, they killed three execution oracles of the Holy Church and tested each other’s Martial Dao. Then, they drank from afternoon until midnight and all got drunk.

Under the illumination of the campfire, the clear lake witnessed the birth of legendary friendships.

From that moment on, this nameless lake was known as Six-Lord Lake.

Fei and these five young lords from the Central Region drank until the second day morning in high spirits. They tested and validated each other’s Martial Dao, talked about the trends, and predicted future events. They were like-minded, and they all learned something from each other. When the five young lords said farewell to Fei on the second day, they raised their arms and slapped each other’s open palm. They agreed that if they didn’t fall in this chaotic world, they were going to gather by this lake in one year to battle and validate their progress.

When the red morning sun shined on the forest, Shaarawy and the other four got up and said goodbyes.

These young men were all busy people in the mortal world, and they each carried duties and missions that ordinary people couldn’t understand. The five young lords from the Central Region came fast and left fast; they still had many things to do. Staying here for one night to drink was already extremely luxurious for them.

“Brothers, take care!”

Fei stood on a giant rock by the lake and watched as his five new friends turned into beams of light and dashed away.

The king was slightly worried about the fates of his five new friends.

Even though they were young lords, their opponent was the giant and unrivaled Holy Church that hadn’t been challenged in the last 1,000 years. They set this trap and killed three execution oracles of the Holy Church, and it was easy to imagine that their lives would become harder. In this chaotic world, regardless of how powerful one was, there was always the chance of dying.

Shaarawy and others dashed forward and quickly exited the territory of the Zenit Empire.

Suddenly, a series of transparent ripples appeared in front of them, and a figure who had a medium-height and was a little chubby showed himself. A smile could be seen on his chubby and handsome face.

“Götze, why didn’t you show up earlier?” Shaarawy wasn’t surprised; he only asked since he felt a little strange.

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