Chapter 992: Venturing Deeper into the Endless Sea of Forests (Part One)

Angela smiled and beckoned, and an iron-winged eagle that was flying chaotically in the air due to fear suddenly chirped and flew down. Then, it landed by Angela’s side and mumbled; even ordinary people could hear the anxiety in its tone.

The queen talked to the eagle and lightly caressed its back as if she were comforting a child.

Iron-winged eagles were ferocious bird-type demon beasts; their wings were as firm as metal, and they were born with the ability to cast metal-elemental magic spells. With a flutter of their wings, they could shoot out many invisible energy blades that could cut through metal like butter.

However, around Angela, this big, vicious bird was like a child who returned to his mother’s embrace. It gradually calmed down and murmured as if it were telling Angela something.

After a while, the smile on Angela’s face shined, stealing the light from everything else around her. Then, she patted this eagle’s wings.

The iron-winged eagle fluttered its wings and chirped before dashing into the sky and disappearing into the distance.

“It said that deep inside the Endless Sea of Forests, there seems to be a streak of powerful energy that is fast approaching. Both demon beasts and ordinary animals can feel the danger in this energy, and they are anxious and aggressive because of it. They all want to escape,” Angela said to Fei.

Queen Angela was born with the ability to communicate with demon beasts and could even command king-level demon beasts like a legion commander.

It was clear that she got this information from talking to the iron-winged eagle.

“A mysterious and powerful force?” Fei grabbed Angela’s smooth little hand to show his appreciation, but he quickly thought about potential sources of this force, “Could it be a horrifying godly demon beast? Not that likely. If that is the case, the demon beasts would have been agitated a long time ago; they wouldn’t have waited until now. Could it be that an Undead Creature Catastrophe also happened in the Endless Sea of Forests? And it is spreading this way?”

The tragic scenes where tens of millions of demon beasts died in the border forest between the new Alania Empire and the former Anji Empire appeared in Fei’s head again.

However, the king quickly shook his head and rejected this hypothesis.

About half a year ago, to prevent a similar incident from happening in the Endless Sea of Forests, Fei ventured tens of thousands of kilometers into this area and set up many bright magic arrays and magic watchtowers. If the undead energy or anything similar appeared, the king would instantly know about it.

“Except for the battle of masters and the Undead Creature Catastrophe, what else can make the demon beasts in the forests this anxious and fearful?” After thinking for a while, Fei still couldn’t get any clues or leads.

Fei thought for a bit more and said, “This incident is not insignificant; I need to venture deep into the Endless Sea of Forests and see what is going on. You guys should head back to Chambord City and tell Mr. Bast and Mr. Brook to increase their guard; the entire city needs to be on alert. If a massive Beast Surge does take place, don’t fight back; ditch Chambord City and put up a line of defense on the other side of Zuli River. Just wait for my return.”

Everyone sensed the seriousness of Fei’s words.

Indeed, if a Beast Surge occurred, trying to forcefully fend off the demon beasts would be useless, and it would only increase the casualty count.

“Alexander, let me go with you.” Valkyrie Elena suggested caringly.

“It’s fine; I can go alone and act accordingly. You should protect Angela and everyone else and accompany them back to Chambord. If a Beast Surge occurs, Chambord will need your protection.”

Fei fixed the Valkyrie’s few strands of red hair that were fluttering in the northern wind, and he said to her intimately.

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