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Hail the King Chapter 992.2

Chapter 992: Venturing Deeper into the Endless Sea of Forests (Part Two)

After discussing for a while, Fei told them about all possible events that might occur and how to deal with them. Then, he jumped off Blacky with Little Raccoon on his shoulder, and he dashed toward the depths of the Endless Sea of Forests.

Blacky and the three hooligan-like dragons wanted to follow Fei, but they were too large and would catch too much attention. Therefore, Fei had to convince them to stay behind.

With Fei’s current strength, his speed was insanely fast. After about four hours, he was already 100,000 kilometers deep into the Endless Sea of Forests.

As the king got deeper and deeper into the Endless Sea of Forests, the atmosphere seemed to get more intense.

Not only were the demon beasts and animals anxious and more aggressive, but the plants also emitted a sense of panic as they swayed unnaturally in the wind. Everything seemed to suggest that the end of the world was coming.

In the depths of the Endless Sea of Forests, innumerable demon beasts lived there. Among them, there were many terrifying king-level and even emperor-level demon beasts.

As Fei got deeper in, some terrifying demon beasts detected his existence even though he flew over in the sky.

These anxious demon beasts attacked Fei as if they lost their minds, and some of them were emperor-level demon beasts that reached peak Burning Sun Realm. Even though Fei was powerful, he had to be careful when dealing with the suicidal attacks from these creatures.

In the end, Fei had to give up the option of flying in the air. Instead, he hid his aura and changed to his Druid character. Then, he landed on the ground and moved deeper on foot.

With this method where he was in stealth, it was much harder for emperor-level demon beasts to sense him.

Also, Druids were the natural kings of nature, and they had unparalleled intimacy with plants and animals and could communicate with them.

By talking to them, Fei could avoid the territories of insanely-power demon beasts and might obtain some clues if he were lucky.

According to ancient records and legends, the Endless Sea of Forests existed when the Azeroth Continent was first inhabited. It was made up of many giant, primitive forests, and it hid many secrets with the accumulation through millions of years. It was heard that no one was able to pass through the entire Endless Sea of Forests, so no one knew what was on the other side. There could be another world, but nothing could be proven.

Now, Fei was already 150,000 kilometers deep into the Endless Sea of Forests.

It was impossible to see traces of humans in this area. Rarely did humans come to this place in the last 1,000 years; it was an unexplored virgin territory.

When Fei got here, a rotten and moldy smell rushed into his nostrils.

The trees here were all more than 500 meters tall, looking like giant green umbrellas that stood on the ground and covered the sky for creatures living below them.

When looking down from the sky, Fei could only see waves upon waves of greeneries, but the world instantly changed when he landed on the ground. Under the cover of dense branches and leaves, it was hard for sunlight to shine on the ground. The fallen leaves accumulated on the ground for millions of years, and they continued to rot and turned into many dark swamps. Poisonous gas and miasma filled the air.

The surface of the trees turned blackish-grey as if they had fossilized, and many vines coiled around the giant trees like the most intimate lovers, sharing the nutrients from the trees and getting a bit of the sunlight.

Fei released his spirit energy, and he was surprised to find that the dirty and disgusting swamps were more than 100 meters deep.

Only the giant swamps created by the rotten tree leaves could nurture such enormous, primitive forests. After all, the swamps were full of nutrients that plants needed.

This was the unique ecosystem that the Endless Sea of Forests had.

Tiny mosses grew on the surface of the swamps; they were vibrant and beautiful. At first glance, it seemed like a layer of soft, green rug was laid on the ground, making people want to roll on it.

However, anyone who dared to do that would die.

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  1. Fimbulwinter

    Ok how big is the continent, if just this forest region is already big enough that he can travel 150,000 kilometers through it?
    That’s already like going around earth 3+ times :’)
    Well, I guess the author also threw around the number 500,000 km a lot, so I guess, I shouldn’t be surprised and just ignore it :p

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