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Hail the King Chapter 993.1

Chapter 993: Who Is Monitoring? (Part One)

First, the swamps could instantly devour animals and humans. Second, many pythons, poisonous bugs, and various other types of demon beasts hid inside the swamp, and they could instantly kill anyone who came too close.

A giant ape that was more than ten meters tall was jumping on the trees, but it accidentally missed a branch and fell into a swamp. Instantly, the beautiful, carpet-like surface of the swamp rippled, and many terrifying demon beasts dashed out and instantly pulled this giant animal into the swamp. Then, the ape’s tragic screams resonated in the area and didn’t disappear for a long time.

Fei saw this with his own eyes, and Little Raccoon almost peed on the king’s shoulder due to fear.

Seeing all this, Fei summoned more than a dozen of black ravens and used them as danger-detection posts. Then, the king transformed into a werewolf and dashed forward by stepping on exposed tree roots and tree branches. His speed and agility increased a lot in werewolf form, and he moved deeper into the forest. This wasn’t much slower than flying in the sky.

Inside the forest, the werewolves’ natural habitat, Fei moved around and left a series of afterimages.

When the king was about 200,000 kilometers deep into the Endless Sea of Forests, Fei gradually sensed that terrifying presence as well. The air was dense, and the atmosphere was suffocating. It felt like a horrifying existence was going to appear by his side at any moment, and Fei sensed that even his soul was shaking a little.

“It is this power that is making the demon beasts in the Endless Sea of Forests anxious and violent; it is forcing them to flee. However, what kind of properties does this energy have? I have never seen it before. Where did it come from?” Fei was confused but relieved at the same time; this energy was completely different from the undead energy.

It was clear that it wasn’t undead creatures that caused this upheaval, and Fei didn’t need to worry about an Undead Creature Catastrophe happening in the Endless Sea of Forests. If the Endless Sea of Forests were invaded by the undead energy, it would be the beginning of the end of the world for all races on Azeroth. The terrifying number of demon beasts in here could sweep the entire continent if they mutated.

It was already midnight when Fei got 2,000 kilometers deeper into the forest, and that sense of panic got stronger.

“Huh? Who is it?”

Fei was dashing forward in his werewolf form, and he suddenly reached out his right paw and struck a giant tree beside him.


The giant tree that was more than eight meters wide in horizontal cross-sectional diameter was smashed into two halves, and the top half fell to the ground.

At that moment, Fei suddenly felt like he was being monitored. He sensed that a pair of cold eyes was quietly observing the area from the hole in this tree.

However, after the king struck out and destroyed the tree, he didn’t see anything strange.

There was a giant demon beast that looked a platypus hiding in the tree hole, and it was almost turned into meat paste under the strike.

“Could it be the one? Impossible! That sensation feels like I was being watched by a powerful master. There is no way that I could have mistaken that.”

Fei slightly frowned. His Druid character was already a king of the forests, and his senses were sharp and acute. Furthermore, he was a Hell Mode level 100 Druid with a high-level green item set from Diablo World.

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