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Hail the King Chapter 993.2

Chapter 993: Who Is Monitoring? (Part Two)

After carefully inspecting the corpse of this demon beast, Fei didn’t discover anything strange and grew even more confused.

This demon beast was only at king-level, and its strength was equivalent to low-tier Moon-Class Realm; there was no way that it could make Fei feel like that.

After a short pause, Fei continued moving forward.

Ten minutes later, the king felt like he was being monitored again.

This time, Fei reached out his hand and killed a demon beast that looked like an owl. This demon beast wasn’t powerful, but the sensation that it brought to Fei was the same as before; it felt like he was being monitored by the same master.

“What is going on?” Fei thought to himself and got more aware of his surroundings.

While he moved forward, he slowed down his speed and spread out his spirit energy in all directions, closely monitoring the area as if he were doing countersurveillance.

Just as he expected, this strange feeling appeared in less than half an hour.

“It is here!” This time, Fei was delicate with his moves, and he didn’t unleash much power but used superb technique. As he grasped forward, a black shadow was caught off guard and seized.

The king took a closer look and saw that it was an iron-winged eagle which already had a meat crown on its head.

Bam! Before Fei could observe further, this iron-winged eagle struggled ferociously, and its head exploded, ending its life.

“I see.” Fei tossed the corpse of this iron-winged eagle to the side.

At that split-second, Fei detected a streak of mysterious and strange energy exploding inside this eagle’s head and shattering its brain. In a sense, this poor iron-winged eagle was used by someone. It felt as if someone put their own spirit energy into this eagle to control it.

“Such an advanced technique. Using the vision of different beasts, the practitioner of this technique can see what these animals see. This person must be a powerful master. Also, this technique only existed in the Mythical Era, and it is already lost on Azeroth Continent. Who is using this technique to secretly monitor me?”

Fei discovered a clue.

The energy that exploded inside the iron-winged eagle’s head was strange. Even though Fei was very knowledgeable, he had never seen it before, which was quite surprising.

“It seems like I can only discover the secret if I venture further in.”

After thinking for a while, Fei made a decision and sped up, charging deeper into the forest.

-At a location in the Endless Sea of Forests-

A circular area with a diameter of about 100 meters was engulfed by a streak of mystical power.

Beside a wooden pillar that was engraved with many strange runes, a figure shook, and he opened his eyes subconsciously. He smiled in surprise as he murmured, “An interesting little guy. I’m surprised that there is such a character inside the Blood Forest. Could he be a descendant of a member who got left behind?”

The other figures around him quickly walked up when they saw that he opened his eyes, and someone asked, “Sir, did you discover something?”

“It sure is an interesting discovery, and he might be really important to us. O’Neal, Duncan, Pippen, Brown, and Mutombo, I need the five of you to go and capture someone. Remember, you need to capture him alive and don’t hurt him. His location…”

It was a discussion in a mysterious language.

“Yes, Sir!”

After a while, a few giant figures stood up and dashed away like bolts of lightning.

[TL Note: LOL, it seems like the author is getting into basketball as well.]

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