Chapter 994: Who Are You? (Part One)

Fei moved forward for a few more hundred kilometers, and the same thing happened several times.

Unfortunately for Fei, the mysterious master who continued to monitor him was powerful, and this person’s technique was advanced as well. He could always make the demon beasts that he controlled to self-detonate before Fei could find any clues.

The king was frustrated, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

“Although I didn’t make any discoveries, I have a feeling that I’m getting closer and closer to this mysterious master who is secretly monitoring me.” An expectant smile appeared on Fei’s face.

It seemed like this mysterious master held no ill-intentions, and the king looked forward to meeting this person.

After Fei reached Hell Mode level 100 with his Druid character, he had never met anyone better at controlling animals and plants than him.


With one leap, Werewolf Fei dashed over more than 1,000 meters and lightly landed on a dry tree branch that was hanging in mid-air.

At this moment, a faint-yellow ring of light suddenly appeared without any noise, perfectly landing on Fei’s head and locking him inside.

Then, unprecedented fatigue rushed through Fei’s central nervous system. As if his limbs and torso were glued to something, simply walking forward became very difficult.

Suddenly, a big green net fell from the sky and tried to enveloped Fei. It had a mysterious aura and seemed like it could seal everything in the world. Without question, if Fei got captured inside the green net, he would lose his mobility and power, becoming a powerless sheep.

Fei was shocked, and he unleashed all his strength to fight back. Werewolf Fei’s agility rose quickly, and he dodged this green net at the last moment.

Then, before he could land on the ground, a fast, lightning-like phantom charged at the king, creating a strong wind.

Werewolf Fei swung his paws and battled this figure. This opponent had mighty strength, and his speed wasn’t inferior compared to Werewolf Fei. The king was knocked back repeatedly and fell toward the ground.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The thick vines that coiled around the giant trees suddenly became agile and shot toward Fei like long pythons; it seemed as if they had lives of their own. In just a split second, the king got wrapped up like a green zongzi.

[TL Note: Zongzi is a traditional Chinese rice dish made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo leaves.]


The thick vines only lasted about three seconds before Fei broke out.

As the vines broke into many pieces, Fei roared and dashed out like a meteorite.

At this moment, a resonating song echoed in the forest. It wasn’t sung with the common language on the Azeroth Continent today but with an ancient language that was filled with vicissitude.

This song was exotic and beautiful, and the faint-yellow ring of light around Fei suddenly emitted streaks of eye-piercing light flames.

Fei instantly felt like the sense of being stuck in a swamp intensified; this was a curse light ring that reduced his speed and lowered his strength.


A giant, mountain-like figure broke through the void and appeared in front of Fei, and he stepped forward and struck toward the king’s chest with his two hands that looked like two giant axes.

Without enough time to react, the king could only clench his fists and fight back.


The terrifying energy wave expanded and dashed in all directions. Dozens of giant trees were broke in half, some of the stinky, muddy liquid in the swamps got sent into the air, and the poisonous bugs and pythons in them were shattered into dust.

“Such power! He is even stronger than Shaarawy!”

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