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Hail the King Chapter 994.2

Chapter 994: Who Are You? (Part Two)

Since the king was negatively affected by the curse light ring, his punch didn’t contain his full force, and he was knocked back.

Next, a series of wolf howls sounded in the area. A werewolf suddenly flashed around Fei, and the two curved sabers in his hands seemed to have come to life. They sent out many green wind blades, making Fei have a hard time dealing with this situation.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Several more air-piercing noises resonated in the forest.

Fei felt numb and looked down, and he saw a black monster that was about three meters tall shooting out silver needles. These needles were too fast to believe! When the king heard the noises made by them, the needles already landed on him.

Although the silver needles only got about one centimeter deep into Fei’s flesh, it made him numb and soft as if they were anesthetic needles.

“Huh? Do they want to capture me alive? Where did this monster come from?”

Fei’s body swayed a little, and then his eyes closed as he fell onto the ground.

Then, another green net fell from the sky and landed on Fei. As it wriggled and tightened, it wrapped around the king again like a zongzi. This time, Fei wasn’t able to break out.

“Alright, the mission is completed. This little guy is small, but he is so hard to deal with. All of us moved, and he still lasted so long,” one of the mysterious figures laughed, “Let’s bring him to Mr. Nash.”

There were five people in this group.

The strange-looking man was more than two meters tall and muscular, and he grabbed Fei who was tied inside the net as he dashed away like a flash of lightning. His peers followed him and jumped between trees, moving further away.

About 20 minutes later, they arrived at a well-hidden location in the forest.

A wooden pillar with mysterious engravings released a streak of mystical energy, enveloping an area of fewer than 200 meters around it.

“Sir, we brought him back.” This group of masters threw Fei to the ground and bowed at the figure who was quietly sitting beside the wooden pillar.

“I saw everything.” The figure beside the wooden pillar nodded.

This man looked thin, but he was handsome. He looked to be about 40 years old, and he wore a pure-white robe. Right now, he was sitting down cross-legged, and a red scepter was placed on his knees.

The strange thing about this man was that his ears looked like fox ears, bigger than ordinary humans’. Also, they were covered by dense red fur.

The fur on this man’s ears merged with his red hair. Instead of making him look ugly, his ears added to his indescribable and mysterious elegance.

“Hahaha! Great Priest Nash, this guy is interesting. All five of us had to move together to bring him back.”

Fox-eared Nash smiled and shook his head, and he said, “I saw the entire process. However, it is he who wanted to come with you. Otherwise, the five of you couldn’t have stopped him.”

Then, Nash looked at Fei and laughed, “Friend, since you are here, how about you get up and introduce yourself?”

Bam! Bam! Bam! While Nash laughed, Fei jumped up, and the big green net around him broke into pieces and fell to the ground.

“What is going on?”

“How did this happen?”

Those five figures were shocked; they couldn’t believe that the person, who they captured together and was locked inside the Spider Clan’s innate green net, was still able to break out.

In an instant, they dashed over and surrounded Fei.

Fei was still in his werewolf form, and he didn’t move right away. Instead, he asked them this question using the common language on the continent during the Mythical Era.

“Who are you?”

The king already had some ideas as to these people’s origins.

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