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Hail the King Chapter 995.1

Chapter 995: The Tribe in the Legends (Part One)

“Since you already guessed it, why are you still asking?”

Fox-eared Nash smiled and signaled his peers not to get worried. When he talked to the people around him, he was using a rare language from the Mythical Era. However, it was clear that he could understand the commonly used language during the Mythical Era. When he heard Fei’s words, he changed to this language during the Mythical Era, and he was smooth with it.

Fei’s heart slowly sunk, and he asked, “The orcs?”

The king was shocked by what he saw! They finally appeared!

The Behemoth Orc Tribe that hadn’t appeared on the continent all this time finally showed themselves!

Before, Fei was guessing that the orcs had gone extinct since they weren’t great at magic and couldn’t create a small world of their own. The king thought that they had disappeared from this world for good and would never come back. Regarding the legend of the [Ancient Path of Blood and Tears], Fei discussed the topic with Akinfeev and thought it was only a rumor.

Now from the looks of things, it turned out that the Behemoth Orc Tribe also survived that catastrophe during the end of the Mythical Era.

After combining the information that he learned from the legends on the continent, Fei already had a vague idea. Unlike other races such as elves, goblins, dwarfs, gnomes, and dragons, who were all great at magic, the orcs could have only opened a path in the Endless Sea of Forests and created a road to survival using the lives of many members, and they survived through that catastrophe.

The Behemoth Orc Tribe traveled past the Endless Sea of Forests which was rumored that even gods might die when trying to pass through, and they found a home on the other side to survive and pass down their bloodlines.

It seemed like the legendary ancient path wasn’t a rumor after all.

It only vaguely documented the tragic history of the orcs that happened about 1,000 years ago.

Out of everyone in front of Fei, the fox-eared, middle-aged man didn’t have many features of a typical orc master. Except for the unique ears and the exceptionally handsome face, everything else on his body looked no different from humans. However, everyone else was different.

One man was about three meters tall, and he was dark and muscular with a lot of hair. It was clear that he had features of the bear family. He kept about ten percent the features of a black bear, and he almost turned into a black bear when he was in combat. It was this man who punched Fei and sent the king flying. He should be a master of the Bear Clan.

Except for this big guy, some warriors had leopard patterns when they were in combat, ape warriors who kept features of giant apes, wolf warriors who could turn into werewolves, and spider warriors who had compound eyes, three heads, and six arms. Also, the black warrior who almost numbed Fei to sleep should be a porcupine warrior.

These orc masters were all mighty. Just from their auras, Fei could tell that they were mostly at peak Burning Sun Realm. Since Fei was using his Druid character and was also at peak Burning Sun Realm, he couldn’t tell if they had become demi-gods.

These orc masters’ looks brought Fei a great shock. As a result, the king didn’t know what to say after asking the first question. He was trying to think fast and figure out a proper response to this.

Seeing Fei suddenly waking up, the dozens of orc warriors instantly became cautious as if they were facing a powerful enemy. After a series of different kinds of b-----l roars, they quickly finished their transformation; it was a process of turning from human-like to beast-like.

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  1. Muttowsing Sanjay

    Orc ??? Did the author not know what orc really look like?

    • Asian orc based of humanoid pigs/animals/beastmen type not green warcraft orcs or stupid lotr orcs with no magic/powers just b-----l ferocity. Just as these are goblins like in warcraft with magic/alchemy not mindless bottom feeders like in lotr.

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