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Hail the King Chapter 995.2

Chapter 995: The Tribe in the Legends (Part Two)

This was in line with the legends. The orcs should all have their own atavistic transformation abilities. After transforming, their strength would increase a lot, and they could use some of the unique, species-specific skills.

These orc warriors instantly surrounded Fei.

“Don’t worry, warriors of the Behemoth Orc Tribe; back off. Beast God already told me that he doesn’t have any bad intentions.”

Fox-eared Nash was calm from the beginning to now, and he always had a faint smile on his face.

Even Fei had to admit that this man had an innately warm, friendly, and noble aura. His temperament was even above Fei’s father-in-law Bast who paid close attention to his actions and behaviors. This fox-eared, middle-aged man could make others feel close and intimate towards him.

This man was wearing a simple white robe with patterns of the moon and stars on it, and he slowly stood up while holding onto a red scepter. His appearance was outstanding, and he should be a handsome orc who was loved by many girls when he was young. Even though he was middle-aged now, he was still impressive, and many mature orc women probably sought after him.

Hearing his words, other orc warriors all bowed and moved back. However, that dashing wolf warrior was still doubtful and reminded Nash, “Great Priest Nash, please be careful. This man is powerful.”

“Don’t worry.” Nash was still as calm as a lake during a windless day.

Then, this fox-eared, middle-aged man slowly got close to Fei, and confusion appeared in his eyes that were filled with wisdom and vicissitude.

“I’m sorry, warrior. It was me who asked O’Neal and others to bring you here. If this offended you, I, Great Priest Nash of the Fox Clan, apologize to you.”

Then, this man slightly bowed at the king.

After that, Nash continued, “I’m perplexed. I have sensed a very familiar aura from you; you seem to be a member of the Behemoth Orc Tribe. However, how come I have never seen you in Vangaal City?”

A thought flashed in Fei’s mind like a bolt of lightning.

“My Druid character is naturally close with animals and plants, and I’m in the werewolf form right now, looking no different from these orcs. Could it be that these orcs think I’m one of their peers?”

Fei didn’t say anything but slightly waved his hand.

The orc masters were on guard on the side, and Fei’s movement instantly made them nervous. They instantly let out a series of deep roars.

Clearly, Fei had left a deep impression in these orc masters’ minds; they subconsciously treated Fei as a very dangerous character. Also, Great Priest Nash of the Fox Clan whose good-looks would even make the Beast God jealous held an important position in the Behemoth Orc Tribe, and these orc masters had to guarantee his safety.

Fortunately, these orc masters’ worst fear didn’t occur; Fei didn’t suddenly attack.

Instead, a mass of white light flew out of Fei’s hand and turned into four. Then, they instantly transformed into four white wolves that were about three meters long and two meters tall. They circled Fei intimately like guards before standing on the king’s four sides and looking at the orc masters around them in alertness. Next, they let out a series of deep growls.

All the orc masters including Great Priest Nash gasped at the same time.

“Summon Battle Beast?” Surprise appeared in Great Priest Nash’s eyes.

“I didn’t guess wrong, haha! You are a descendant of the Behemoth Orc Tribe. Only the children blessed by the Beast God can summon battle beasts. You are a member of the Behemoth Orc Tribe? From your appearance, you should be a member of the Wolf Clan, right? How come you are in this forest?”

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