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Hail the King Chapter 996.1

Chapter 996: I Am Human (Part One)

After seeing what Fei did, other orc masters looked at Fei with gentler gazes. It was obvious that they thought Fei was one of them.

However, Fei didn’t respond.

With the king’s shameless personality, if he could, he would pretend to be an orc warrior, get along with this team of orc masters, and get as much information about the Behemoth Orc Tribe as he could.

If the Behemoth Orc Tribe wanted to come back to the continent, Chambord was going to be the first stop that they would run into if they walked out of the Endless Sea of Forests.

The king wasn’t sure about the attitude that the Behemoth Orc Tribe had towards humans. If they were hostile toward humans, Chambord might face a terrifying war.

Unfortunately, Fei couldn’t fake being an orc warrior forever; his Druid character’s skill [Werewolf] had a time limit. With his current strength at Hell Mode level 100, he could only maintain the werewolf form for about 24 hours.

After thinking for a while, Fei decided to be honest and open about it; he was going to expose his identity as a human. He didn’t need to worry about his safety since he could leave at any time; none of the orc masters here could stop him. In the worst-case scenario, he could test out the attitude that orcs had toward humans.

Therefore, Fei canceled the effect of [Werewolf] and returned to his human form in the next moment.

“What? A human?”

“How is this possible?”

Seeing Fei’s appearance changing, the orc masters couldn’t help but gasp; they couldn’t comprehend what just took place.

Even the handsome priest of the Fox Clan was surprised, and his face changed color.

Fei gradually calmed down a bit. After he switched back to his human form, the orc masters were surprised but didn’t show any strong hostility.

“It seems like the behemoth orcs’ impression of humans isn’t that bad. Could it be that the two races weren’t enemies in the Mythical Era?” Fei thought.

To these orc masters, the shock didn’t end there.

After Fei removed the effect of [Werewolf], he used the Druid skill [Werebear].

The king’s body suddenly enlarged! While he was engulfed in the silver light, his body increased in size by about four times. Fine brown fur grew out of his skin, and he turned into a half-human, half-bear creature who was about six meters tall. He had a bear head but a human-shaped body.

“Bear Clan?” The wolf warrior who was quite fond of Fei was shocked, and his expression changed.

“How is this possible? Isn’t he a member of the Wolf Clan?” Battier, the master of the Spider Clan, gasped, and shock filled his compound eyes.

The master of the Ape Clan subconsciously poked the dark-skinned master of the Bear Clan beside him, and he said, “Hey, O’Neal, is he your long-lost brother? How come he knows the [Atavistic Transformation] of your Bear Clan? You two look similar. However, his brown fur looks prettier than your black fur.”

O’Neal of the Bear Clan scratched the back of his head using his big bear paw, and he said in his deep voice while looking charmingly naïve, “Eh, yeah. I didn’t think that… Hey, Little Bro, are you really a member of the Bear Clan? Wait, how come I have never seen you before in the clan?”

Fei smiled but didn’t respond to O’Neal’s question; this big man left a good impression in his mind.

The king waved his hand, and a giant yellow bear appeared by his side after a white light flashed by. Then, it roared at the orc masters around Fei.

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