Chapter 998: Are These Really for Us? (Part One)

Fei heaved a sigh of relief.

Since the orcs were willing to follow him back to Chambord City, it meant that they weren’t hostile toward humans; this was a great sign. In this chaotic world, no one wanted to make a powerful tribe into their enemy. One more ally was equal to one more opportunity to extend and pass down the bloodline.

The orcs got ready to move, and they started to pack up.

Now, Fei got a chance to observe this simple campsite.

It was clear that the orcs were used to the tough lifestyle of camping in the wilderness; their standard of living wasn’t that high. In this campsite, except for a few simple tents, the most eye-catching thing was a thick pillar that had some mysterious runes engraved onto it. It emitted a type of mystical power, enveloping the entire campsite.

At this moment, Fei realized that in the last half an hour or so, no demon beasts appeared around the campsite, and the poisonous bugs and mosquitos that were everywhere in the forest weren’t seen here either. It should be due to the power of this mysterious-patterned thick pillar.

“This is a giant totem pole,” Great Priest Nash explained.

“The orcs can’t cultivate warrior energy, and our talent in magic is weaker than a human child. Therefore, the Behemoth Orc Tribe was in a passive situation when battling other races. Fortunately, the Beast God didn’t abandon his subjects; we obtained the third type of power aside from warrior energy and magic energy – the power of totem.”

Then, Nash lowered his head and sang an ear-pleasing song.

The giant golden pillar lightly shook, and the runes on it shivered like the tadpoles that were swimming in the water. Like words written in pencil that were erased, the runes gradually disappeared from the pillar.

As the mysterious runes disappeared, the golden pillar changed. It had been golden, but now it became an ordinary wooden pillar. It was clear that it was chopped from a tree in the forest, and it still had green branches on it. Without the support of the mysterious power, the wooden pillar fell to the ground.

The mysterious power that enveloped the campsite disappeared alongside the runes.

“So, this is the power of totem. By using mysterious songs to stimulate the natural elements, orcs can attach natural elements to a medium and create natural elemental patterns to unleash this third type of power,” Fei thought to himself.

In the ancient documents and scrolls that were passed around the continent, they all recorded the existence of the power of totem. It was described as a power that could rival with warrior energy and magic energy, and only Behemoth Orc Tribe could use it.

However, as the orcs vanished from the continent, this power hadn’t appeared on the continent for the last 1,000 years. Fei was even surprised that he got to see it today.

There weren’t many useful things in the campsite. It was clear that these orcs were poor. As peak Burning Sun Lords, they didn’t even have spatial storage rings. The two big orcs, O’Neal of the Bear Clan and Nowitzki of the Bull Clan, carried all the items required to build the campsite, and the other orc masters didn’t have anything precious other than the simple armor and weapons.

Only Great Priest Nash’s red scepter had the faint power of totem. It seemed like this priest of the Beast God Palace held a high status in the Behemoth Orc Tribe.

After everything was packed up, the group got on the road.

However, Great Priest Nash was careful. Instead of bringing everyone in the team, he asked Ginóbili of the Wolf Clan and Battier of the Spider Clan to go back the way they came and report their whereabouts to the tribe in the [Banished Land].

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