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Hail the King Chapter 998.2

Chapter 998: Are These Really for Us? (Part Two)

This way, even if this team of orc masters got tricked and captured, at least the Behemoth Orc Tribe would know where they were.

Fei already expected this level of guard and caution, so he didn’t say anything about it. If their positions were switched, Fei would do the same thing.

After everything was planned, Fei brought these bumpkin-like orcs toward the Chambord Kingdom from the same way that he came.

On the way, Fei talked to the orc masters and learned that they were the cause behind the upheaval of the demon beasts in the Endless Sea of Forests. These orc masters could use something called [Fear Totem], and it would shock demon beasts and scare them away.

[Fear Totem] was crucial to the continuation of the Behemoth Orc Tribe.

If it weren’t for this type of power of totem, all the orcs who moved through the Endless Sea of Forests 1,000 years ago would have died under the sharp teeth and claws of the terrifying demon beasts. Even though [Fear Totem] was useful, it didn’t work on all demon beasts; godly demon beasts, which were one level above emperor-level demon beasts, wouldn’t be affected by such power of totem.

Just like what the legends and rumors had stated, 90 percent of the orc population died in that giant migration. More than 20 clans in the Behemoth Orc Tribe went extinct in that bloody and tragic move.

This team of peak Burning Sun Realm orc masters only got this far safely in the Endless Sea of Forests by using [Fear Totem].

Dashing forward on the ground for about 120,000 kilometers took this group about half a day. When they were closer to the outer edge of the Endless Sea of Forests, powerful demon beasts reduced in number, and these masters could fly in the sky again.

The closer they were to the edge of the Azeroth Continent, the more excited that these orc masters were.

Like children who left home for too long and tasted all the hardships in the world before finally returning to their homeland and seeing their parents, all orc masters got emotional. If Fei weren’t here, they would have howled and cried out loud.

Tears even appeared in the eyes of the priest of the Fox Clan.

Again, Fei couldn’t really understand their emotions.

After another half a day, they finally got to the edge of the Endless Sea of Forests.

Looking down from the sky, Chambord City was already vaguely visible.

Fei paused in the air.

“You guys look quite different from humans. You need to change your attires.” Fei took out more than a dozen set of armor and clothes that were suitable for the orc masters.

However, his action shocked the bumpkin-like orc masters, and they gasped as they stared at Fei’s ring; some of them even started to drool.

“Spatial storage ring?”

Great Priest Nash swallowed his saliva and tried to act calm, but the movement of his Adam’s apple betrayed him and showed his shock.

Spatial storage items were too precious in the [Banished Land], and it was hard to purchase as there was a strong demand but a lack of supply.

“This human king of an affiliated kingdom can easily take out rare treasures that only the nobles in our tribe have. Could it be that the strength of humans is unimaginably powerful?” the priest of the Fox Clan thought to himself.

Then, the ‘bumpkins’ were again shocked by the items that Fei took out of his ring.

“Are these… really for us?” O’Neal of the Bear Clan looked at Fei and asked in disbelief.

“Of course.” Fei nodded and replied.

Now, the orc masters looked at Fei in a different light.

The last bit of guard and caution in these poor orc masters’ minds were about to disappear.

“Such precious gifts! Are humans this friendly and kind now?”

However, what Fei said next made these poor orcs feel embarrassed. Aside from getting a little angry due to shame, they almost wanted to tear this damn human apart to cover their ignorance and impoverished situation.

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