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Hail the King Chapter 999.1

Chapter 999: The Poor Orcs (Part One)

Fei told the orcs, “Please don’t mind these. When I came out, I forgot to bring good items. Therefore… don’t worry! When we are back to Chambord City, I will prepare some great items for you and replace these trash items.”

“Trash? This guy is saying that these ultimate treasures are trash?” The poor orcs thought to themselves, and they felt like their world got flipped on its head.

The fancy silk clothes that Fei just gave them were extremely rare in the Behemoth Orc Tribe. In the Beast God Palace, since Godly Song Shaman His Highness’s godly robe was made of silk, it was treated as an heirloom and got passed down for close to 1,000 years. In fact, the nobles in the Behemoth Orc Tribe felt honored just wearing a simple rough robe.

The silk clothes in front of these orcs were soft like a young woman’s skin, and they glared under the sunlight. The orcs were almost all blinded by this.

However, even though the orc masters were surprised by the fancy and luxurious silk clothes, they liked battle and violence, and they had more muscle in their heads instead of brain matter.

Then, Fei took something else. The sets of magic armor were lethal to these orc masters!

Seeing the magic armor and magic equipment that Fei tossed toward them like useless trash, the orcs looked down at their tough and old clothes, and they almost cried. Although the orcs were not as sensitive and were thick-skinned, they couldn’t help but feel self-abasement.

Right now, Great Priest Nash who had integrity and self-discipline fell into a conflicting situation for the first time in his life.

He prayed to the Beast God in his mind again and again, telling himself that greed was an original sin, and he shouldn’t be tempted by the treasures that this devilish human showed them. As an honorable priest of the Behemoth Orc Tribe, he had to uphold his dignity.

However, his actions completely crushed his logic and betrayed his mind.

As soon as Nash finished praying, this priest of the Behemoth Orc Tribe instantly grabbed a set of magic armor that Fei passed to him and put it on; he looked like a beggar who hadn’t eaten for three days and suddenly got a burger.

Seeing this, the king suddenly thought of something, and an ‘evil’ idea appeared in his mind.

After the orc masters changed into the new clothes and armor, Fei used a hummingbird to send a message to the city, ordering Brook to prepare the residence and supplies for these orcs. They had to make sure that the ordinary citizens of Chambord didn’t know about this; it might cause an upheaval. Therefore, the arrival of Nash and others had to keep as a secret.

Of course, Fei didn’t hide any of this from the orc masters, just in case a misunderstanding might occur.

Chirp! Chirp! The hummingbird on Fei’s arm chirped and disappeared into afar.

The group of people continued their journey.

To prevent any embarrassing incidents from happening, Fei explained the current state of Chambord City to these orc masters in detail. The king told them all the rules that everyone had to follow in the city, and he also expressed his apology since they couldn’t appear in public just yet; they could only move around under the lead of the warriors of Chambord.

Nash and other orc masters nodded and understood.

Since they were all masters, this group of people quickly moved past many trees. Soon, they were less than 50 kilometers away from the Back Mountain of Chambord.

A series of drum beats and bugles sounded in the sky. While flags were fluttering on them, three small Xuan’ge broke through the clouds and slowly moved toward them.

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