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Hail the King Chapter 999.2

Chapter 999: The Poor Orcs (Part Two)

These Xuan’ge were smaller than [Black Pearl] and [Cyclops], but they were stunning to say the least.

Fully armored, loyal, and elite soldiers of Chambord filled the deck of the three Xuan’ge, and their shiny armor and weapons glared under the sun and reflected chilly light. The armor and weapons all had metallic texture, which made the orc masters envious.

The terrifying, vicious, and streamlined flying barges, the powerful magic shields, the mighty auras of the soldiers, the organized formations, and strict military disciple, and the strong generals… everything showed the Chambord Kingdom’s power and wealth.

Nash and others were all quite surprised by what they saw.

From the ancient knowledge that they inherited from their ancestors and the information that Fei told them, Great Priest Nash and his peers had a clear understanding of the power dynamics on the continent and the power levels. They knew that affiliated kingdoms weren’t that significant in human society, so they were all shocked by the power that Chambord was demonstrating.

The air force was a sign of a powerful nation since only the wealthiest nations could afford it.

Even in the Mythical Era about 1,000 years ago, ships and barges that could fly in the air were rare magic creations.

“Now, even a little human affiliated kingdom has this level of military force. Could it be that the Behemoth Orc Tribe is really now only a weak force on the continent?”

The soldiers on the barges moved the orc masters as well. These soldiers were all at least Five-Star Warriors and Mages.

“Elite flying barge, powerful soldiers, strong equipment, sharp weapons… is this the strength of a human affiliated kingdom? This is equivalent to a medium-sized main battle clan in the Behemoth Orc Tribe.”

Great Priest Nash opened his mouth and was about to say something, but his body suddenly froze. His eyes opened so wide that his eyeballs almost rolled out of his eye sockets, and his body shivered as he looked ahead; he looked like he was having a stroke.

The other orc masters looked in the direction that Nash was gazing at, and they were stunned as well as if someone cast freezing spells on them.

Behind the three Xuan’ge, there was a giant black beast that looked like a hellhound from the Abyss of Hell. Then, three giant monsters that had clear dragon features and dragon auras followed the first beast in a line. Like guards, they were protecting the Xuan’ge.

Then, 50 king-level demon beasts of many forms that were huge and vicious flew behind those four giant, terrifying demon beasts. These king-level demon beasts should be reckless and aggressive, but it seemed like they were all tamed under the lead of the warriors of Chambord. Those 50 powerful demon beasts formed a neat formation like a human troop, and they listened to orders.

As the hellhound-like black beast roared, the 50 king-level demon beasts followed and roared along. The noises resonated in the sky, shaking the ground and scaring away the clouds.

The orc masters cried in their minds, “God! A medium-sized main battle clan can’t be compared to this kingdom. In fact, even some large king clans can’t rival the air force of this human kingdom! The honorable Beast God! Is this the strength of the humans on the continent?”

Great Priest Nash and his peers looked at each other, and they all saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

Before this herald team set off, all the tribe members were confident, and some even created plans and claimed that they would return to the continent and conquer all other races, becoming the No.1 Race on Azeroth and building an enormous orc empire.

Now looking back, it seemed like they were truly ignorant and fearless.

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  3. flying horse

    Honestly the flying ships might be imresive , but since when you reach miin class you can just fly yourself , they come of as pretty useless.
    And how is a bunch of level 5 star realm impresive in the eyes of peak star lorlds ? they can sneeze and they would all go POOF

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