Chapter 1: The mysterious youth who’s late (Part One)

As the sunlight evaporated the morning mist and moisture, another morning arrived to the small city of Yongchuan. Xia Qiu tossed and turned in bed for a long while and finally got up.

Today was her first day in high school, but she hadn’t been anticipating it with eagerness. She knew very well that most of the students in high school came from her junior middle school. In the 16 years of her life, nothing changed. The streets were still narrow and the houses lining the streets were still the antiquated buildings built with green bricks and white tiles.

Despite her onerous life, she loved this peaceful and beautiful place. With mountains in the east and a dense forest to the west, this place gave people the illusion that it was isolated from the outside bustling modern world, and it was why this place had so many ancient legends that she never got tired of.

She didn’t know how much of the legends were real and how much was made up by people to make the children behave, but she was fascinated by them. She was especially fascinated by the legend about the path hidden in Yongchuan forest that led to the demon world. According to the legend, some humans got lost in the forest and stepped into the spirit world by mistake; they witnessed fantastic views they had never seen and lost their souls during the process.

Because of this legend, she fell in love with Yongchuan Forest ever since she was a little girl. She would go into the forest whenever she had time, but unfortunately, she couldn’t find the path leading to the spirit world; instead, she encountered a very dangerous situation.

It was one evening when she was six years old. As she had done each day, she was sitting quietly by the Silver Moon Lake in Yongchuan Forest when she heard rustles in the bushes behind her. Mustering her courage, she ran over to see what was happening and found seven black foxes were attacking a small silvery fox in a clearing behind the bushes.

The small fox was unusually beautiful, with each of its hairs as shiny as pure silver. Its front right paw was bleeding. Moaning, it retreated step by step until a big tree blocked its way. Cornered, the small fox had a despairing look in its grey blue eyes.

As the black foxes poised to launch another attack, 6-year-old Xia Qiu moved with a burst of courage she didn’t know she possessed. Perhaps the look in the small fox’s eyes gave her the determination to protect it!

Picking up a fallen tree branch from the ground, she ran over. Standing before the small fox, she brandished the club at the black foxes. To be honest, she was scared; as she brandished the club, her legs where trembling. In her eyes, these fierce beasts were scarier than monsters in legends.

Green chilly lights shone in the black foxes’ eyes. The leader charged at her tentatively and she swung the club at it without thinking, hitting it on the head. With a scream, it was knocked down to one side. Startled by the sight, the other black foxes moved a few steps back slowly; then they screamed, turned around, and ran away.

The fox wounded by her was reluctant to admit defeat. It stared at her furiously for a few seconds, but she gripped the club tightly and didn’t back down. The fox turned around and disappeared into the bushes.

Xia Qiu lowered her small shoulders, which had risen in fear, and dropped to the ground in relief. After a long while, she snapped back to her senses and turned around to see how seriously the small silvery fox had been wounded. When she reached out her small hand tentatively, it looked wary but didn’t resist her. She stroked its head several times, untied her hairband and dressed its wound. When she finished, the small fox had relaxed its weak body and fallen asleep in her embrace.

Xia Qiu didn’t want to leave it in the forest, so she carried it back to her home. When she entered the front yard, she avoided her grandpa, who was fixing the yard fence, and hurried into her own room. Putting the small fox on her bed, she ran to the living room and found the emergency medical box. As she carried the box into her room, she tried to recall how her grandma dressed her wounds in the past. Then she untied the hairband from the wound cautiously and treated its wound with care.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

After dressing the wound, Xia Qiu began to study it, wondering how such a beautiful animal existed in this world.

“From now on, you can live in my home,” she said to it gently, wanting to keep it.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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