Chapter 1: The mysterious youth who’s late (Part Two)

After supper, she pretended to go to bed early; in fact, she was just concerned about the small fox and wanted to watch it.

“You came. It’s so good,” holding it in her arms, she murmured the words repeatedly and fell asleep.

But when she woke up in the morning, the small fox had disappeared. She was a bit disappointed. It had gone silently as if it had never appeared. If not for the blood-stained hairband left on the desk, she’d think what had happened yesterday was just a dream. 

But the fox’s grey blue eyes were engraved in her mind and heart. For many years, she had searched for it in the forest and hoped it would appear again, but it never did.


When she got close to the gate of Yongchuan High School, a honey-sweet voice stopped her. Before she could look up, arms held her neck.

Liu Lingmei rubbed against Xia Qiu’s face like a cat and the passersbys glanced at them with a strange look in their eyes.


Xia Qiu patted her back as if she was comforting a small pet. The petite girl who was suffocating her with her embrace was her best friend since elementary school.

“Qiu! I haven’t seen you for a long time. Let me have a good look at you!”

“It’s not so long. You were away for only two weeks. We talked on the phone yesterday.”

Obviously, Liu Lingmei was not satisfied with Xia Qiu’s attitude. She loosened her grip and pretended to glare at Xia Qiu with a pout.

But Xia Qiu was used to her friend’s dramatic behavior. She was exasperated sometimes but would feel bad if her friend was not by her side.

Today Liu Lingmei wore a pale-yellow dress with a matching hairband. Back from a two-week holiday at the beach with her family, she wasn’t tanned but had a few cute freckles on her cheeks, making her pretty face even more lovely.

“Let’s go and find out which class we’re in. We’ll be late if we don’t go in now.”

Xia Qiu pulled Lingmei into the school. The name lists of different classes were posted on the announcement board before the teaching building. When they arrived, many students were standing before the board.

“Oh! I wish I was taller.”

Liu Meiling complained as she stood on her toes and tried to look at the board from the back of the crowd. The boy standing before her looked back at her and gave her his spot. After all, who’d bear to block such a cute girl’s sight?

Xia Qiu and Liu Lingmei were lucky that they were both assigned to Class One of Grade 10. When they entered the classroom, many students were already in it. They saw several familiar faces who came from their junior middle school; some were even their old classmates. Finding their spots from the map on the blackboard, they went to their desks. Lingmei’s desk was on the first row by the window while Xia Qiu sat in the second row from the back.

“We’re assigned to the same class again, Xia Qiu.”

As she walked toward the back of the classroom, a boy stopped Xia Qiu. She looked up, realizing that he was Du He, an old classmate and friend from her junior middle school. After the summer vacation, he was a bit tanned, but his smile was as bright as before.

“Yeah.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Xia Qiu smiled at him and went to her desk, glad that Du He sat on the right before her. He had excellent scores and was open and talkative.

After a while, all the seats were taken except for the one behind Xia Qiu. She looked at the blackboard and saw the student sitting behind her was Ouyang Xiaoleng. It was a unique name since the surname had two characters instead of one and people usually don’t have Leng (Note: character Leng in Chinese means cold) in their names.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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