Chapter 10: Plum Blade’s memory (Part Two)

In the evening, she got an exciting text message from Ms. Dong Muya. Xiaoleng and the others have finished their mission with success and came back to the capital city of the spirit world; if you have time, go to the North Star Palace. He’ll be happy to see you.

She ran out of home toward the Old Ouyang Manor after only a few words to her grandparents; she guessed the passersby on the way must have thought that she was mad, but she just couldn’t stop smiling.

Having just settled down in the capital city Yongchuan, Qianqi came out of the North Star Palace and took a walk on the business street. It wasn’t as prosperous as Dongyao, but the small shops were quite unique and interesting. He roamed the streets for a long time, then he remembered Ouyang Hongye’s words that a human girl would come to the North Star Palace tonight; so he hurried back to the Fuxing Hall of the North Star Palace.

Since his mother was also a human, he had great interest in Xia Qiu even before he set his eyes on her.

When he walked into the corridor in the rear of the Fuxing Hall, he saw from the distance a girl standing behind Lord Yong. With her hair pulled up high in a bun on the back of her head, she had no makeup on her face and her plain-colored clothes looked so crude that his heart went out to her. The most stunning feature was her eyes which were clear and full of intelligence; he just couldn’t stop gazing at them. This was his first time seeing a human. She was slim but not fragile. Like a jade or a lotus flower which came up pure and beautiful from the muddy soil, she even overshadowed the most beautiful mermaid in the spirit world. 

When Xia Qiu hurried into the North Star Palace, she didn’t even get to speak to Ouyang Xiaoleng before Lord Yong ordered her to change her clothes; he was eager to show Ouyang Hongye and the others the result of his training with Xia Qiu in the last week.

Standing in the center of the clearing, Ouyang Yong said after a pause, “We didn’t have much time for training, but Xia Qiu can already summon Plum Blade and has mastered the basic saber skills; I’m very satisfied with the result. Now that you guys have returned with success, let me show you the great transformation in Xia Qiu. This is also her first test.”

Nodding at Xia Qiu, he walked to sit behind a zither under a plum tree, leaving the clearing to her.

“Go! Go!” Ouyang Hongye winked at her.

Wangyue held up a fist to her to show his support.

At the moment, Ouyang Xiaoleng felt very tense. Despite his expressionless face, emotions surged up in his heart like huge waves. He had noticed her face was a bit haggard; from Grandpa Yong, he knew how hard Xia Qiu had trained in the days when he was away from the capital city and his heart went out to her.

Xia Qiu wasn’t the slightest bit timid or nervous. She smiled at them and entered her zone, waiting for Ouyang Yong’s instruction with a concentrated mind.

“Xia Qiu, summon your Plum Blade.”

Hearing Ouyang Yong’s order, she inhaled deeply and lifted the plum-flower hairpin she was gripping in her hand; concentrating her mind, she poured her consciousness into the hairpin and connected with its consciousness. Ever since she talked to Plum Blade in her dream last night, they were more in sync than before. Instantly, a sharp black saber materialized in her hand. The red spirit power emitting from the saber spread to her arm and then engulfed her whole body. The spirit aura was weak but very pretty against her white clothes. She spread out her arms and stood in a firm stance, waiting for attacks with intense eyes.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Ouyang Yong stroked his fingers across the zither strings; in the music, plum flowers floated into the air from the trees and, after a pause, flew toward Xia Qiu. Dressed in pure white clothes, Xia Qiu stood in the sea of blood-colored plum flowers and brandished the Plum Blade in sync with the musical notes from Ouyang Yong’s zither, dodging and blocking the attacks from the flower petals; the aura from her blade drew pink arcs in the air.

As the zither music picked up speed, the flower petals’ attacks accelerated, too. Xia Qiu focused her mind to find a rhythm that was in sync with the Plum Blade and she felt the blade gradually become one with her, connecting with her pulse, heartbeats, and even her warm blood. The boundary between her and the Plum Blade blurred, and she couldn’t tell which move was made by her and which was made by the Plum Blade.

Xia Qiu had only mastered the most basic saber skills, still the audience was fascinated as they held their breath and watched her. Who’d believe that she had been an ordinary human girl not long ago? Right now, she was walking steadily on the road to becoming a blood pact partner; she had just set out, but her steps were firm and steady. Her elegance and beauty had been deeply engraved in Ouyang Xiaoleng’s heart. At the same time, another youth was also deeply fascinated by her and he was Qianqi, who was watching her silently standing behind the others.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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