Chapter 11: The kidnapped girl (Part Two)

As they walked, Xia Qiu studied the youth walking by her side. With a darker complexion, his features were not as fine as Ouyang Xiaoleng’s, but she found his sunny smiles, intelligent eyes, and his tendency of making faces very cute; he looked like one of her peers, such as Du He.

They came to a small shop with lots of strange signs printed on the door. Unlike other shops, it had a very small window and looked dark with only a few candles illuminating the inside of the shop; as they looked at it, a strange scent floated out from the door. Drawn by its mysterious look, Xia Qiu pulled Qianqi into the shop. Under the dim candlelight, she saw many books and trinkets looking like talismans on the shelves; there were lots of other stuff that she didn’t know.

“The sign above the shop has the words ‘We Know Everything’ in spirit language. How boastful they are,” Qianqi said in disgust.

“What does it mean?” Xia Qiu was puzzled.

“They are oracles of the spirit world, just like the fortune tellers in the human world. They can tell you things that will happen in the future. Each oracle has his or her own rules. Usually they answer your questions; the powerful ones know what you want to know before you even ask. As far as I know, only the people from the Oracle Clan can do it, but this clan had only three people left even 1,000 years ago. I think they have died out,” Qianqi said the words loudly toward the screen on purpose.

“If you’re doubtful, come in and have a try.”

A voice came from behind the screen, and Xia Qiu realized that they were not alone in the shop.

Without a word, Qianqi pulled Xia Qiu toward the screen.

“Son of Ember Dragon King, please wait a moment. The human girl is more eager to get answers to her questions,” said the voice from behind the screen again.

“How does she know it?” Xia Qiu looked alarmed as she murmured to Qianqi.

Qianqi said with an indifferent smile, “Since you know who I am, don’t games with us. I’ll wait here outside.”

Xia Qiu nodded at him and walked around the screen uneasily. Behind the screen there were only one desk and a person who sat there wearing a cloak and a black cloth veil, revealing only her eyes. She extended out a hand full of wrinkles, which showed that she was an old woman.

“Sit down, blood pact partner.” The veiled old woman didn’t look up as she spoke Xia Qiu’s identity; hearing the old woman’s words, Xia Qiu was even more surprised.

She sat down and looked at the old woman’s eyes, the only part revealing to her, under the dim candlelight. Despite the dimness, she thought she saw chilly lights lurking in those eyes.

“You can ask me questions now. No matter what your questions are, I’ll tell you everything I know about them. But you can ask only three questions. The payment depends on how satisfied you’re with my answers,” the old woman said with great confidence.

Hearing that she could only ask three questions, Xia Qiu didn’t want to waste the opportunity with trivial questions, so she considered them carefully.

After a long while, the old woman said, “You don’t have to ask; I know your questions! How about this? I’ll say your questions and you tell me if I’m right or not. If I’m right, I’ll go on and answer them. Okay?”

Xia Qiu nodded, convinced that she had made the right decision to enter this small shop. The woman was mysterious and fun.

The old man extended a hand and said, “Give me your hand and I’ll listen to the questions from the bottom of your heart.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Xia Qiu put her hand into the old woman’s hand.

“The thing you’re most concerned about is if the person who made the blood pact with you will become the master of the spirit world. Am I right?” the old woman asked.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Yes,” Xi Qiu answered. She lowered her guard since the old woman truly knew what she was thinking.

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