Chapter 13: Spirit Alliance between a dragon and a fox (Part One)

Ouyang Xiaoleng searched all the caves on the middle section of the mountain but didn’t find Mother Rakshasa. As his heart sank in disappointment, the dragon scale in his hand vibrated and he heard Xuetu’s voice in his head.

“Brother Xiaoleng! Brother Qianqi! I found Mother Rakshasa’s den! It’s the last cave in the north. Come!”

“Great! I’m coming!” Ouyang Xiaoleng answered as he ran down the mountain, praying for Xia Qiu’s safety.

Qianqi had also come down and met with Xiaoleng and Xuetu before Mother Rakshasa’s cave. It looked like the other caves, but it didn’t have moss growing at the entrance; the suffocating smell of decaying bodies and blood floated out from the cave.

“Let’s go!” Ouyang Xiaoleng dashed toward the cave with Xuetu and Qianqi following him closely. But they were stopped by a realm shield at the entrance. Immediately, Qianqi summoned his Godly Dragon Fire Bow and drew out an arrow.

“The Godly Dragon Fire Bow is transformed from part of my body. Each arrow contains my blood and presence. Dragon blood can be medicine, poison, fire, or water; it can create illusions and tear open any realm shield.”

As he spoke, he cut an opening in the realm shield with the arrow. Withdrawing the fire bow, he put his hand into the opening and tore open the realm shield completely, revealing the real look of Mother Rakshasa’s den.

As a temporary den, this place looked very luxurious. The ground was paved with white jade and the purple curtains dangling from the ceiling extended into the depths like waves. The air was permeated with an unknown scent, but it couldn’t conceal the salty and pungent smell of blood. Xiaoleng summoned Godly Ice and walked in shoulder to shoulder with Qianqi with Xuetu following them. Spirit fires hanging on the walls shone on the white jade floor and illuminated the whole cave as bright as day.

It was horribly quiet in the cave as if there were no one nearby. They walked for a while and came to a clearing, which should be the main body of the cave. It looked like a naturally formed palace with an excellent echoing sound effect. Ouyang Xiaoleng gestured to Qianqi and Xuetu, telling them to step lightly.

In the center of the clearing was a huge pool, but instead of water, there were remains of human bodies in the pool. It was truly a sick sight. Ouyang Xiaoleng glanced around and was wondering about the emptiness of the place when Xuetu tugged at his sleeve and pointed at the walls. He and Qianqi looked closer and saw many round holes in the stone walls of the cave.

Ouyang Xiaoleng remembered Lord Yong once told him that Mother Rakshasa was very good at making underground mazes and hiding traps in them; if they were not careful, they’d be trapped inside, wasting their precious time or even getting killed. At this moment, noises came from behind them; it seemed that Mother Rakshasa’s minions were carrying bodies into the cave. He sent a signal to Qianqi and Xuetu with his eyes and they flew up to the ceiling of the cave, hiding themselves.

As the echo of people talking grew louder, four ghost slaves wearing black clothes walked in, carrying two big heavy-looking bags. Ouyang Xiaoleng and his two companions guessed that the bags must contain human bodies that these spirits offered to Mother Rakshasa. They wondered where the ghost slaves got so many bodies since these minions delivered them frequently each day.

“Hurry up. Mother Rakshasa will reprimand us if we’re late,” the leading ghost slaves urged.

“Yeah. Those two bros were late for a little while after drinking the night before, and they were…” the ghost slave who shared his burden complained. 

“Shush. If Mother Rakshasa hears your words, all of us will be killed.” The two ghost slaves walking behind them got uneasy.

“Shut up and hurry up. I guess Mother Rakshasa will enjoy that human girl‘s heart tonight.” The leading ghost slave continued walking.

Qianqi and Ouyang Xiaoleng exchanged a look and knew that the human girl they mentioned must be Xia Qiu. They continued to listen.

“The girl has been soaked for hours in the water from the Dead Water Pond. I’m guessing her soul has long since become Mother Rakshasa’s slave.”

“It’s said the heart of the girl who made the blood pact with the Fox Spirit King can greatly increase Mother Rakshasa’s spirit power; if the girl’s soul becomes Mother Rakshasa’s slave, Mother Rakshasa’s spirit power will double.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

From the ghost slaves’ conversation, Ouyang Xiaoleng learned that Xia Qiu was in dire danger and could become a tool for Mother Rakshasa to increase her spirit power. The quickest way to find the route into Mother Rakshasa’s den was following the ghost slaves.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

As the four ghost slaves struggled to carry the bags containing bodies into a round hole, Ouyang Xiaoleng gestured to Qianqi and Xuetu to follow them quickly. In the maze tunnel that were only wide enough for two people walking side by side, Xiaoleng and his companions followed the scent of those ghost slaves; after many twists and turns, they finally reached the end of the tunnel.

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