Chapter 13: Spirit Alliance between a dragon and a fox (Part Two)

Brighter light came from the end, almost blinding their eyes. Ouyang Xiaoleng narrowed his eyes and peeked out from behind the wall. It was a huge cave with an arch ceiling decorated with purple gauze curtains. Mother Rakshasa sat high on a stone throne covered by a piece of animal fur in the very depth of the cave. Dressed in a deep purple grand drape trailing on the ground, she rested one hand on the arm of the throne and lifted a big wineglass with the other hand.

In her human form, she was as beautiful as rumored with her ink-black hair, blood-red lips, pale skin, and eyes as dark as night. Her ageless beauty gained by feeding on human flesh and human hearts had a bewitching charm. Before her on the ground was a rectangular pool filled with liquid as black as her eyes; it must be water from the Dead Water Pond.

The ghost slaves put down the body bags before her throne cautiously and knelt before her respectfully with their upper bodies almost touching the ground.

“Mother Rakshasa, here are the bodies we found for you,” the leading ghost slave said.

“Why are you late again?” Her tone was calm, but the kneeling ghost slaves trembled as if each word she said was a sharp needle.

“We hurried back as fast as we could. We didn’t delay,” the ghost slave explained.

“Forget it. Rise.” Mother Rakshasa waved her sleeve. Obviously, she was in a good mood today since she’d eat Xia Qiu’s heart soon. After her useless minions failed several times, she took the matter into her own hands and captured the girl successfully.

The ghost slaves looked up tentatively; seeing Mother Rakshasa had truly forgiven them, they stood up.

“Mother Rakshasa, why didn’t you eat the human girl’s heart?” the leading ghost slave heaved out a sigh of relief and asked.

The moment he said it, Mother Rakshasa furrowed her brows in anger. Reaching out a hand, she slapped the ghost slave to the ground from a distance with her great spirit power.

“That damned human hasn’t been subdued by my soul-extracting spell after being soaked in the water of Dead Water Pond for hours. So long as she retains her own consciousness, I can’t achieve the best result even if I eat it. She’s a rare delicacy, but I don’t know how long I’ll have to wait! Damn!”

“I’m sorry. Thank you for sparing my life, Mother Rakshasa.” The ghost slave who had been severely wounded by Mother Rakshasa struggled up, feeling lucky that she didn’t kill him.

“I can have as many worthless slaves like you as I want. Serve me attentively and shut your mouths, or I’ll burn all of you until you’reblack coal.” Mother Rakshasa shattered the wineglass with her fingers and let the shards pierce her palm. As the wine dripped down with her blood, she opened her fist and dumped the shards; meanwhile, the cuts in her palm healed instantly.

Ouyang Xiaoleng was still looking for a good opportunity to attack but Qianqi got impatient and summoned his Godly Dragon Fire Bow and shot an arrow toward Mother Rakshasa’s heart. Instantly the arrow with its flame shot into her chest. As Qianqi was pleased for getting rid of Mother Rakshasa so easily, he found she had vanished from the throne, leaving only her purple drape on the chair.

“But I shot her.” Incredulous, Qianqi wanted to run up and find out what was happening.

“Mother Rakshasa is a powerful spirit and can’t be killed by a sneak attack. Watch out. Xuetu, you deal with Mother Rakshasa’s minions. Qianqi, you and I must handle Mother Rakshasa together,” Ouyang Xiaoleng walked forward as he spoke.

“Okay!” Qianqi knew he must work with his rival right now because getting Xia Qiu out was the most important thing to him.

Following Ouyang Xiaoleng’s instruction, Xuetu charged at the stupefied minions. The four ghost slaves were about to flee but she blew out an icy breath and formed an ice wall, blocking their way.

She stuck out her tongue at the four ghost slaves playfully and said, “Are you betraying your master without a fight? Aren’t you afraid she’ll burn you into black coal? If you don’t want her to kill you, you’d better fight me; maybe you have a chance to live.”

Standing back to back with Qianqi in the center of the cave, Ouyang Xiaoleng watched for the changes in the spirit power aura around them. As they were surprised for not sensing Mother Rakshasa’s presence, a flame suddenly shot at Ouyang Xiaoleng. He dodged it but Qianqi, standing with his back to Ouyang Xiaoleng, got his back and part of his clothes scorched; it was quite painful.

“Hey!” Qianqi yelled in anger.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“I’m sorry.” Ouyang Xiaoleng realized that he had forgotten Qianqi was standing behind him when he dodged the flame. He always fought all by himself and wasn’t used to working with people. But with his current power, he couldn’t defeat a powerful enemy as powerful as Mother Rakshasa all by himself. He must learn to work with others.

Mother Rakshasa dived from above with a strange shaped fire weapon; when it was spread out, it looked like a fan with countless fire-spitting holes in the front. Hovering in the air, she said, “Well, well! I’m surprised that the heir to the Fox Spirit King Throne and the dragon king’s son have both come here to rescue a mere human girl. It seems my food is quite unusual.”

“Cut it out. Release Xia Qiu, or we’ll deal with you!” Qianqi aimed his fire arrow at her and yelled.

“Dragon king’s son, calm down. Why are you so worried about that girl? I don’t see you in her heart,” Mother Rakshasa said with a charming smile.

“She’s good at manipulating people’s minds. Don’t fall for it,” Ouyang Xiaoleng warned Qianqi in a low voice.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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