Chapter 13: Spirit Alliance between a dragon and a fox (Part Three)

“Humph! I won’t fall for it! I only met Xia Qiu a couple of days ago. It doesn’t matter that I’m not in her heart right now,” Qianqi yelled at Mother Rakshasa.

“Hehe. The girl can still resist me with her own will even when she is lost in the dream world that I created; she can do it because someone is rooted in the depth of her soul and this person is the heir to the Fox Spirit King standing behind you. I’m not a real oracle, but it’s a piece of cake to see through the minds of you kids. I can tell you, so long as he lives, you’ll never gain a place in this girl’s heart.” Mother Rakshasa’s words resonated in Qianqi’s ears and mind like a curse; her words and her black pupils were trying to draw his consciousness into a huge black hole. When his mind was getting out of his control, Ouyang Xiaoleng’s voice dragged him back.

“Ergo, draco maledicte etomnis legio diabolica, adjura muste!” Ouyang Xiaoleng attached the power of the devil dispelling spell onto the Godly Ice and slashed out the Ice Flame Godly Fox Sword, cutting off Mother Rakshasa’s soul-extracting spell.

Mother Rakshasa had to move aside to dodge the devil dispelling aura emitting from the sword. Now she understood why those human gangsters manipulated by her with water from the Dead Water Pond had failed. It turned out Ouyang Xiaoleng, the heir to the Fox Spirit King, had somehow mastered devil dispelling spells. She had never heard of such mantra words before; they were neither spirit language nor the god language.

“If you can’t help me, then back off. You fell for her trick so easily,” Ouyang Xiaoleng turned his head and said to Qianqi.

Qianqi was about to thank him but swallowed his words back when he heard Ouyang Xiaoleng’s cold criticism. He was very resentful when Ouyang Xiaoleng looked so cold and arrogant.

“I got distracted. Don’t be so smug!” Qianqi concentrated his mind and released his own spirit power aura.

Mother Rakshasa couldn’t find a way to counter Ouyang Xiaoleng’s spells, but she pretended to be calm and said, “Haha! You two kids can’t touch one hair on me even if you work together; but the truth is you two are rivals. But it’s no fun to kill you so soon. I’ll play with you for a while. When I get tired of playing, I’ll make you my food. I’m truly lucky today. I captured the human girl I’ve craved for a long time and drew in the heir to the Fox Spirit King who made the blood pact with her, and even the dragon king’s son who has nothing to do with her; I’ll eat you two as my side dishes. I’ll give you a taste of the power of my hellfire weapon.”

Then she lifted the fire weapon; as her spirit power aura rose in the air, dark purple flames shot out from the holes of the fire weapon; the flames converged into a huge fire ball which grew larger and larger. With a wave of her arm, the fire ball flew toward Ouyang Xiaoleng and Qianqi. Qianqi shot an arrow into the fire ball, but it turned into many smaller fire balls and continued flying toward them from all directions.

As Ouyang Xiaoleng and Qianqi were busy dodging and blocking the hellish flames, Mother Rakshasa got ready for the next attack at a measured pace. After several attacks, the two youths could do nothing but scramble to dodge the flames and they got burned in several places. The wounds inflicted by the hellfire traveled to their marrow through their blood, causing excruciating pain.

“Brother Xiaoleng! Brother Qianqi! Don’t be so grumpy with each other. Or you won’t be able to rescue Sister Xia Qiu!” Xuetu, who was fighting Mother Rakshasa’s minions, yelled at them.

Hearing the mention of Xia Qiu, Ouyang Xiaoleng and Qianqi started at the same time. They were here to rescue her; how could they forget their purpose?

“At this moment, I, the dragon king’s son, acknowledge you as the heir to the Fox Spirit King and will follow your orders!” Qianqi’s lips curved up a little as he moved closer to Ouyang Xiaoleng. He had realized that he’d fall for Mother Rakshasa’s trick if he tried to prove himself.

“Okay!” Ouyang Xiaoleng nodded and told him his plan in a low voice, “I’ll draw her attention with a false attack; you think of a way to knock her fire weapon out of her hand.”

Qianqi answered, “Got it.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Ouyang Xiaoleng leapt into the air and charged at Mother Rakshasa; ignoring the hellfire which was burning his skin, he slashed his sword at Mother Rakshasa again and again. As she focused all her attention on Ouyang Xiaoleng, Qianqi aimed his Godly Dragon Fire Bow at her fire weapon. The first arrow missed it narrowly, but the second arrow shot her hand holding the fire weapon.

As red blood dripped down her arm, she laughed wildly. “Hahahaha! Very interesting. The game is getting more and more interesting. I have all the time in the world to play with you, but your time is limited if you want to save the girl. Soon her soul will be totally controlled by the water of the Dead Water Pond.” Mother Rakshasa looked toward the black pool in the ground.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Involuntarily, Ouyang Xiaoleng and Qianqi looked toward the pool, too. At this moment, Xuetu yelled, “Brother Xiaoleng! Watch out!”

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