Chapter 14: The spirit king election meeting (Part One)

When Xia Qiu was woken up by the fragrance of plum blossoms on her pillow, it was already morning. Due to the dragon blood in her body, she had slept soundly and her body, which had been weakened by poison, had recovered a lot.

When she opened her eyes, she saw Ouyang Xiaoleng was sleeping with his upper body resting on the bed. In his sleep, his face had lost its usual coldness and looked as pure and peaceful as a child. He seemed to be dreaming since there was a smile on his lips. Looking at him, she smiled, too, feeling all her physical and emotional pain had disappeared. Getting out of the bed slowly, she put a blanket around him lightly and walked into the courtyard to stretch her stiff body.

It was drizzling outside; mist filled the air and dampened the blossoms on the plum trees. It was the first rain that Xia Qiu saw in the spirit world. Standing in the corridor, she watched the drizzle and smelled the scent of rain, enjoying the rare peaceful moment.

Yesterday’s adventure wasn’t her first narrow escape. But after coming out of it, she found she had risen above the fear for her life and had a deeper understanding of Ouyang Xiaoleng’s words that the peace in the capital city was only an illusion and it would soon be broken. During the time when Ouyang Xiaoleng was on the trip, Lord Yong had described the intense fight over the throne of the spirit world and how different parties took all means to protect their own interests and some even killed to achieve their goals.

Although the spirit world had declined, the mysterious treasures in Nanzhe City, the rare mineral rocks in Yinsong and the peaceful and prosperous Dongyao were still coveted by many people; after all, whoever taking the throne would gain control of all these things. Except for greed, the extreme fear of having a war against Green Cloud was another obstacle on Ouyang Xiaoleng’s path to the throne. Deep in thought, Xia Qiu walked along the corridor until a figure came into her sight; this figure was also looking into the rain.

Qianqi had been sleepless last night since he had a lot on his mind. At daybreak, he went out to take some fresh air. When he saw that Xia Qiu was able to walk around, a big smile spread on his face; he asked, “You’re up so early. Are you feeling better now?”

“Yeah. Much better. How about you? You lost so much blood for me. Are you okay?”

Remembering how Qianqi donated his precious dragon blood to detoxify her poison, she was both touched and worried.

“I’m fine. Look, it’s nothing for me to lose that little amount of blood. I fully recovered after a good night’s sleep.” Qianqi lifted his hand and showed her his wrist. The wound had healed but he was lying; he needed weeks to fully recover his strength after losing so much dragon blood. But he didn’t want her to feel guilty because he thought she almost died because of his mistake.

Standing with Qianqi shoulder to shoulder, Xia Qiu turned her gaze to the misty rain in the courtyard casually and said, “Good! Were you joking when you said you’d grant me three wishes?”

“Of course not. I never go back on my words.” Qianqi looked at her profile quietly, willing to do anything she asked. It was nothing to do with his promise of granting three wishes; he just couldn’t refuse her anything.

“Okay.” Xia Qiu had thought it was just a joke; hearing his solemn answer, she felt a bit uneasy.

If she asked him to support Ouyang Xiaoleng, would he do it? She knew she’d be using Qianqi if she did it, but still she wanted to try. She didn’t know when she had become so selfish.

As she hesitated, Qianqi asked tentatively, “Do you think Xiaoleng will gain people’s support at the spirit king election meeting?”

Xia Qiu nodded firmly and asked, “Will you stand by his side? If my first wish is asking you to stand by his side and support him unconditionally, will you do it?”

“Okay.” Qianqi nodded with a smile immediately as his body made the choice before he could consider it. He thought everything was worthwhile if it could make the human girl smile.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Although everyone told Xia Qiu to rest one more day, she still went to the school. It was her first time traveling to her school from the spirit world; and in Ouyang Xiaoleng’s company, too. She felt very strange about it.

Fortunately, she had told her grandparents that she’d spent the night in Liu Lingmei’s home and left her school bag in the Old Ouyang Manor, otherwise she’d have lots of explaining to do. She was uneasy with the many lies she had told to her grandparents lately; she’d not forgive herself if she got poor grades, too. Besides, she was eager to return to her own world; only when she stood on the familiar street and campus could she feel that she was truly alive.

Mondays always passed quickly in school. After the flag-raising ceremony in the morning, Xia Qiu was so busy that she had no time to remember her horrible narrow escape from Mother Rakshasa. At lunch break, she remembered suddenly that she didn’t have the lunch that her grandma prepared for her each day with love. At this moment, Liu Lingmei walked over.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“What? You didn’t bring lunch today?” she asked.

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