Chapter 14: The spirit king election meeting (Part Two)

This morning she saw through the classroom window that Xia Qiu came into the school with Ouyang Xiaoleng. She wondered when they had become so intimate. Xia Qiu seemed to be hiding things from her and didn’t even tell her the details when Ouyang Xiaoleng asked her out. Ever since they became besties, there had been no secrets between them, but after Ouyang Xiaoleng appeared, Xia Qiu had become a stranger. Liu Lingmei felt bad about it and tried hard to suppress her unhappiness. But lately, she found it was harder and harder to suppress it.

Embarrassment flashed across Xia Qiu’s eyes as she said, “I forgot!”

“We can share!” Liu Lingmei bit on her lip and swallowed back her questions. Putting her lunch box on Xia Qiu’s desk, she pulled over a chair and sat across from her friend.

They were about to eat when Dong Muya came in and yelled, “Xia Qiu, your family sent you lunch!”

Xia Qiu hesitated and then walked over to take the lunch box from Dong Muya’s hand. In one glance, she knew the lunch box didn’t belong to her family. When she saw the picture of a red leaf on the note pasted on the lid, she knew who sent her the lunch.

When she returned to her desk and opened the mysterious lunch box, Liu Lingmei exclaimed, “Wow!”

The lunch that Ouyang Hongye had prepared for her could only be described with the word “luxurious”. In the box were sizzling black pepper steak, flower-shaped roasted cod, fruit salad, and pasta; all the food was steaming, which made people wonder about the special packing method. After all, it couldn’t be freshly cooked. She was grateful to Ouyang Hongye from the bottom of her heart. He was now overwhelmed with preparations of the election meeting, but he still remembered to cook for her.

“Do you want some?” Xia Qiu turned around and asked Ouyang Xiaoleng who sat behind her.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“No!” He had seen through Ouyang Hongye’s trick and wanted to tell Xia Qiu to enjoy it but didn’t say it as Liu Lingmei was with them.

In the next few days, Xia Qiu’s training paused since she had just recovered, and Ouyang Yong was busy with the preparations for the election meeting. Ouyang Xiaoleng needed to return to the capital city each day after school, but after the abduction incident, he insisted on escorting her to and from school in person. She felt she had returned to her previous life as an ordinary girl. Only three days had passed, but sometimes she wondered if everything about the spirit world was only a dream and Ouyang Xiaoleng was actually only an ordinary youth. But soon she returned to her senses, knowing the peace wouldn’t last long and she must pull herself up since the crisis for the two worlds wasn’t over yet. Her blood pact partner still needed her support and their adventure had just begun!

The spirit king election meeting came as scheduled and the Tianquan Hall venue was ready.

The Tianquan Hall was the grandest hall in the North Star Palace. With nine folded doors at the front, the hall could accommodate thousands of people. The four huge columns supporting the ceiling in four directions, which were east, south, west, and north, had engravings of the four primeval godly beasts which were also sons of the Heavenly God Qian Su; they were the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Black Tortoise.

The four godly columns were tossed down to this place by the Heavenly God Qiansu, the master of the godly world. At that time, the spirit world didn’t exist yet, and spirits and monsters lived with humans in the human world. To end the constant wars between the two races, the Heavenly God Qiansu used part of the godly power of his four sons and created a new world in another space for the spirits; the whole spirit world formed and developed from the land around the four columns. Later, most of the spirits and monsters came to the new world of their own will since here they didn’t have to fight humans to get things they wanted. But a few spirits and monsters lingered in the human world disguised as humans or animals; some did it because they liked the human world while some just hid in the human world to dodge the punishment for breaking the laws in the spirit world.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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