Chapter 15: The crisis of the godly columns (Part One)

Walking out of the Fuxing Hall, they found the palace was bustling with counts who had come to attend the election meeting and spirit servants who were busy ushering and serving the attendants. No conventions or ceremonies had been held in the North Star Palace in the past 16 years, so the place had never been so lively before. 

In fact, ever since the Great Battle 16 years ago, the Tianquan Hall and the Yuheng Hall, which were the meeting hall and king’s residence, hadn’t been used and no spirit servants were sent to these places to manage them. To prepare the meeting, the two elders and some counts sent their own spirit servants to the Tianquan hall, but these servants were not familiar with this place and a little hurry-scurry was inevitable.

As Ouyang Xiaoleng walked forward with Qianqi and Xia Qiu following him closely, the counts and their retinues bowed at them involuntarily. Most of them had never seen Ouyang Xiaoleng before, but they all recognized that he was their previous king Ouyang Xueye’s son in one glance.

Ouyang Xueye had been the No.1 handsome guy in the spirit world. He was like the moon in a clear sky when he was quiet and like snow in the wind when he moved. His skin was as smooth as jade; his eyes were as deep as night; he was graceful when he handled business and gentle as water when he treated people. No one, men or women, could resist his charm. He moved beautifully like a poem and a painting even in battles, 

Ouyang Xiaoleng nodded at the people bowing to him; he looked so calm and graceful that no one would have guessed that his forehead and palms were clammy. After all, this was his first time facing so many counts, most of whom had repelled him ever since he was born. Soon after his parents’ deaths, Ouyang Hongye chose to take him into the human world and raised him alone, so he didn’t have to face potential dangers and constant protests of his ascent to the throne. Meanwhile, the responsibility of running the capital city was temporarily taken by Ouyang Yong and Shi Wangcheng, the two elders of the spirit world. Since then, he had been living away from the power center and could only go into the Fuxing Hall of the whole North Star Palace. With the empty name of previous king Ouyang Xueye’s son, he possessed less power than Ouyang Hongye and Wangyue.

Today was a special day. As the previous king’s son, he must convince everyone to acknowledge his status, change their minds, and persuade them to support him in reviving the spirit world and leading all the clans to fight Green Cloud. It was an extremely difficult task for him since he was poor at talking to people. However, no matter how hard it was, he must face the task with great courage. After all, he was the heir to the Fox Spirit King and his father’s son; he couldn’t disgrace the noble blood flowing in his body.

Only Xia Qiu sensed his tension. She reached out her hand silently and gripped his hand, telling him silently that she was behind him and he needn’t worry.

Gripping her hand, Ouyang Xiaoleng relaxed; feeling the strength coming from her hand, his breathing and heartbeat returned to normal.

Only the central door in the Tianquan Hall was open; before it, a man from the Hospitality Department was checking names of the guests invited to the election meeting. The long scroll dangled from his hands to the ground.

“Count Yuli, please go into the hall.” When the name was announced, a man squeezed out from the crowd, presented his invitation scroll and the copper plaque engraved with his name and title, and walked proudly into the hall.

“Baron Red Ear Devil Spirit, please go into the hall,” another name was announced.

At this moment, another door opened from inside and Thorn came out and walked directly toward Ouyang Xiaoleng, Xia Qiu, and Qianqi. Seeing his big body with spikes on his shoulders and back, people backed away from him immediately.

As usual, Thorn bowed slightly and said mildly, “Lord Yong asks the three of you to come into the hall with me.”

Under the gazes of the counts and aristocrats who were waiting to go into the Tianquan Hall, they followed Thorn into the hall. Upon entering the hall, Xia Qiu’s eyes were drawn to the four huge golden columns. The four primeval godly beasts engraved on the huge columns looked grand and lifelike. Miraculously, the engraved beasts could even change postures and move up and down on their respective columns. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“When the Heavenly God Qiansu created the spirit world, he extracted some powers from his four sons, which were the four godly beasts, and sealed these powers in the four columns respectively. Land and sky formed in the spirit world because of these godly powers,” Ouyang Xiaoleng explained to Xia Qiu who was exclaiming in wonder.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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