Chapter 15: The crisis of the godly columns (Part Two)

Qianqi had heard his father talk about the grand Tianquan Hall many times. Standing in it, he found it was more spacious and magnificent than all the palaces in Dongyao City; the craftsmanship of each detail was incomparably exquisite.

The dark green arch ceiling of the hall was painted with about one hundred square patterns in colors of golden, red and blue. Each point of the square was embedded with an illuminating night pearl. On the walls on both sides were two huge frescos; one was a scenery of the holy land in the god world and the other showed a prosperous scene in the human world. In the front of the hall stood a nine-fold white jade screen with engravings of foxes in nine postures; before the screen was the spirit king’s throne. Made by five spirit stones in the spirit world, the throne glittered with colorful lights.

Many people were standing in the hall, looking around or whispering to each other as they waited for the election meeting to begin. When Ouyang Xiaoleng and his two companions walked through the crowd, the hall quieted down suddenly as people glanced toward them. For one instant, they seemed to see Ouyang Yueye in his youth; when the spirit world was in its prime and the Fox Spirit King Li had just passed away, all the people in the spirit world thought things were going for the worse, but Ouyang Xueyue gave them hope. With whole hearted support from the four elders and his intimate friends, such as Hongye, Ember Dragon King, and Tingyue who’d sacrifice their lives for him, he had defeated countless powerful evil spirits and monsters and subdued many rebels who tried to turn the world upside down. With his unusual presence and abilities, he tamed all these evil spirits and rebels.

Behind Ouyang Xiaoleng, Qianqi stood tall and handsome, looking like the Ember Dragon King in his prime as intelligence shined in his eyes. Beside them, Xia Qiu was a different scene, looking like a white lotus flower or a peony that had just opened its petals.

The three teenagers walked close to the platform as if they were walking out of the fresco of the godly world. Chairs had been placed on the platform for the meeting and the two elders and the most esteemed counts had taken seats while the others stood before the platform. As the First Elder of the spirit world, Ouyang Yong sat in the center; Wangyue and Ouyang Hongye sat in seats a little to the left. They saved seats for Xia Qiu and Qianqi next to Ouyang Xiaoleng’s. Thorn backed off to stand behind Ouyang Yong after he ushered the three youths to their seats.

The moment they sat down, the sound of commotion came from the entrance. Xia Qiu looked over and saw a figure walking toward them flanked by many people. He was very big, almost as big as Thorn. Wearing a golden robe and a mask of a lion’s face, his grey hair and moustache stood on end protruding in all directions like steel wires.

“He’s Elder Cheng,” Ouyang Xiaoleng told Xia Qiu and Qianqi.

He didn’t have a good impression of Elder Cheng. In the few encounters he had with the old man, Elder Cheng always looked down on him and never showed any concern for him. Elder Cheng’s original form was a huge golden lion and as the Second Elder of the spirit world, he had the same status as Grandpa Yong with many supporters.

Ouyang Xiaoleng had heard many legends about the Second Elder’s battle abilities when he was young; it was said he once had a handsome face, but got huge scars on one cheek and body after blocking a strike from the Huge Elephant Devil for Ouyang Xiaoleng’s grandpa Li. From then on, he always wore a mask when he was in the public. After Ouyang Xiaoleng’s grandpa passed away, he was the second person after Grandpa Yong to show his support to Ouyang Xueye. Grandpa Yong had more than once mentioned that Elder Cheng had been one of the most loyal supporters of the Fox Spirit King. What had made him hate wars so much and become so unpredictable? Grandpa Yong didn’t understand it. Elder Cheng was so terrified of wars that he even disliked Ouyang Xiaoleng, who was entitled to the throne.

Counts bowed to Elder Cheng respectfully as he passed them. Even Qianqi could see they were more respectful to Elder Cheng than to Ouyang Xiaoleng, as if Elder Cheng was the master of the spirit world.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Qianqi said indignantly, “Does he think he’s the king?”

He was displeased at what he had seen. He wouldn’t fight for the throne because he had promised to his father and Xia Qiu that he’d stand by Ouyang Xiaoleng’s side. But he’d not back down from anyone except for Ouyang Xiaoleng.

As Elder Cheng walked up, no one could see his expression behind his mask. His two main followers, Yanming the stone spirit and Fenghuo the puma spirit, followed him closely.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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