Chapter 18: The tasks of the Yama King (Part Two)

“People still alive, why do you come to the Yellow Spring Kingdom?” A voice from the distant throne broke the silence.

On the throne sat a tall figure wearing golden scale armor and a golden mask. His voice was emotionless but contained bone-chilling coldness.

Instantly, Ouyang Xiaoleng realized this figure was the Yama King. He walked over and said calmly, “Greetings to the Yama King! I’m Ouyang Xiaoleng, the heir to the Fox Spirit King. The runes sealing the godly columns in the spirit world disappeared. My companions and I came here to find the land rune, so we can seal the godly powers in the godly columns, otherwise the entire spirit world will collapse.”

The moment he said the words, the Yama King yelled in anger, “Well! Well! Listen to you! How absurd! This isn’t a place you can come and go freely. No one can leave here after entering. Now you even want to take the land rune from this place?!”

Below the throne, the skeletons wearing black and white cloaks repeated like echoes, “No one can leave after entering; no one can leave after entering…”

Their voices sounded very weird as if they were made by their teeth grinding on bones.

The Yama King laughed mockingly and turned to the man standing nearest to him and scolded, “Hyacinth, why did you bring them to me? You should take them to the Forbidden Forest or the soul guarding soldiers before the Lingque Palace, so they’ll be killed by evil ghosts or be swept into the black hole.”

Xia Qiu and her companions noticed that the beautiful man named Hyacinth, who looked extremely out of place in this world, was dressed in a robe in the same color of the butterflies which led them here. It turned out that he was the butterflies and had transformed into his human form..

The man named Hyacinth explained immediately, “Your Majesty, the Fox Spirit King is the master of the spirit world chosen by the Heavenly God. If you expel them, you’d violate the degree of the Heavenly God and become the common enemy of the spirit world! To avoid the conflict, I brought them to you!”

“Heha. This is another joke I heard today! My Yellow Spring Kingdom doesn’t take orders from any world and this distorted space doesn’t follow the laws of time or reincarnations. Why should I be afraid of violating the Heavenly God’s decrees or becoming the spirit world’s enemy?” the Yama King retorted arrogantly.

“They have never been here before and thus don’t know the rules; besides, they are desperate to save the spirit world. Your Majesty, I hope you can forgive them this time! I’ll lead them back to their own world!” Hyacinth implored as he saw his persuasion was in vain.

“Let them go back? Impossible! You guys want the land rune, right? I’ll give it to you!” The Yama King changed his tone as if he was plotting something. “But you must finish three tasks. After you finish them, you can take the land rune and leave my Yellow Spring Kingdom safely.”

“It’s a deal!” Ouyang Xiaoleng answered immediately, afraid that the Yama King would change his mind. His eyes met the Yama King’s eyes behind the mask fearlessly.

But Hyacinth had a bad feeling. He knew the Yama King very well and the king obviously didn’t want these teenagers to take the land rune from the Yellow Spring Kingdom. The tasks he asked would certainly put these kids in great danger. He had been trying hard to help them out of this place, but the kids didn’t take his hint and insisted on taking the challenges from the Yama King; they didn’t know the Yama King was putting loops around their necks.

As he was anxious with worry, the Yama King smiled slyly and looked down on them, saying, “Then I’ll tell you the three tasks I want you to finish! Firstly, you must swim to the other side of the Nai River and pluck some Paramita Flowers before taking them to my daughter; secondly, you must enter the Forbidden Forest and find the Colorful Crystal Stone; thirdly, you must find your own soul plates in Lingque Palace. After you’ve done all these things, you’re allowed to leave this place!”

Hearing the three tasks, cold sweat appeared all over Hyacinth’s body since each of the tasks took great determination and courage to finish. The three confident youths obviously didn’t know what hard battles they’d enter nor what consequences they’d face if they failed. He couldn’t warn them in front of the Yama King, but he decided to help the kids with the tasks. However, eventually they would need to depend on themselves to succeed.

“Fine. We’ll finish the tasks. We’ll see you later!” Ouyang Xiaoleng answered confidently and walked out of the Yama Palace with Xia Qiu and Qianqi.

Soon, Hyacinth found an excuse and left the hall to chase after the three teenagers. But before he left, the YamaKing warned him not to give any help to the Fox Spirit King’s heir and his companions, or he’d be severely punished. In fact, he had expected it, but still he wanted to help these youths despite the Yama King’s warning. He didn’t know why he wanted to do it; maybe he saw hope in them. He couldn’t leave this distorted and void world, but they were different.

Ignoring the warning, he transformed into radiant blue butterflies again. Flying in the shape of a hyacinth flower, he caught up with the three youths and directed them toward the Nai River.

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