Chapter 21: The land of destruction (Part One)

After saying farewell to Lord Yong and Elder Cheng, Ouyang Hongye had left the Tianquan Hall of the North Star Place and set off to find the sky rune with Wangyue and Fenghuo. He looked indifferent and careless but was actually feeling uneasy deep inside. He knew they’d face lots of difficulties on their journey to the west, but what worried him more was Ouyang Xiaoleng and his two young friends. In his eyes, they were still kids, but they had to shoulder the responsibility of saving the spirit world.

After the Great Battle, except for the capital city of Yongchuan managed by the two elders and Dongyao ruled by the Ember Dragon King, all the other places in the spirit world had fallen apart in a headless chaos. Green Cloud’s minions took the opportunity to attack most of the cities. Right now, as the godly columns in the capital city were on the verge of collapsing, the entire spirit world was in the danger of disappearing. Lord Yong and Elder Cheng unleashed their full powers and had temporarily stopped the godly columns from falling. They were powerful but very old. Keeping the godly columns standing would consume most of their spirit powers and energy. The task was a test and a torture for these two old men. To be honest, Ouyang Hongye didn’t know how long they could last.

As he was troubled with these thoughts, a chirp came from above. He looked up and saw a small red golden bird was hovering above their heads. It was Thorn. It landed on the ground and revealed its huge human form, bowing slightly at them as usual.

“Thorn.” Ouyang Hongye nodded at him.

“The manager of the underground information bank in the Old Ouyang Manor has a message for you!” Thorn looked up and said.

Ouyang Hongye brightened. “Come on and tell me.”

Thorn cleared his throat and mimicked Dong Muya’s voice as he repeated the message, “There are few records about the sky rune, but I found a document about the master of Nanzhe City. One paragraph describes the fresco in a secret garden in his palace; the fresco shows how the Heavenly God Qiansu created the spirit world. Part of the fresco reveals the place where the sky rune was dropped.” Thorn paused and returned to his own voice, “This is the message she asked me to give you.” 

“That’s all?”

Ouyang Hongye was a bit disappointed that Dong Muya didn’t show any concern for him in this message.

Thorn answered, “She said something else, but then she told me not to repeat it to you.”

Ouyang Hongye said, “Tell me!”

Thorn resumed Dong Muya’s voice as he said, “Tell him to avoid any head-on conflicts with the feeder death ghosts in Nanzhe City because fights will draw more of their kind. Tell him to come back alive! Forget it. I’m sure he knows this. Don’t tell him, or he’d say I’m nagging him again.”

Wangyue had been silent; now he smirked and said, “If she says something to show her concern for you, you’d say she’s nagging; if she doesn’t, you’d feel uncomfortable. How contradictory you are!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Hearing his mocking words, Ouyang Hongye wasn’t angry; instead, he smiled slyly and said, “At least someone cares for me; but you have no one!”

“So, you also know she cares for you. It’s been so many years, and you’ve ignored her feelings for you and let her wait.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Ouyang Hongye was rendered speechless by Wangyue’s words. After all, only someone as blunt as Wangyue would touch his raw nerve. How could he not know Dong Muya’s feelings for him? They had worked together for many years; as a man who boasted of understanding love more than anyone else, how could he miss the little loving gestures she gave him? But he couldn’t return her feelings. Yes, he was fond of her, but this fondness was no match for his love for another woman. Just like someone who had seen the most beautiful scenery, he couldn’t linger at another scenic place even though this place was very pretty, too.

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