Chapter 21: The land of destruction (Part Two)

He knew Dong Muya understood his loneliness and his devotion to love despite his flippant veneer. She knew his heart, but he couldn’t give her the promise she wanted before making room for her in his heart. He knew he was selfish but didn’t know how to handle her love.

“That’s all she said. If you have no instructions for me, I’ll go back to the capital city.”

Thorn bowed to them slightly; then he leapt into the air in the form of a red golden bird and vanished.

Dong Muya’s discovery gave Ouyang Hongye an important clue. He and Wangyue decided to head to Nanzhe immediately. However, their decision met objection from Fenghuo, and they argued about it.

On the surface, Fenghuo was sent by Shi Wangcheng to assist Ouyang Hongye and Wangyue, but in fact he was more like a supervisor. He always kept his distance from them and walked alone silently. Ouyang Hongye had concentrated his mind on the sky rune and didn’t show his disapproval. But now, Fenghuo’s unreasonable objection fueled the fury he had suppressed inside for a long time.

Fenghuo complained, “Do we have to take the risk and go to the damned place Nanzhe just because that woman found some baseless information from nowhere?! Even Yanming couldn’t foresee it; how can she know it?!”

He didn’t want to enter Nanzhe because he knew very well what was in that place. It was no less than a hell. In fact, the previous master of Nanzhe City was also a puma spirit from his clan. Since Nanzhe wasn’t far from Yongchuan, Fenghuo used to visit his friend in Nanzhe quite frequently.

He liked to walk around in the bustling market and watch all kinds of spirit traders selling bizarre merchandise including the things that were forbidden to sell by law. For example, the Spirit Control Lotion which could double one’s spirit power; the Invisible Cloak made with feathers of the Fengyin Bird; the Flower Dew used to bewitch people; the Telepathize Mirror that could reveal scenes from an alternate world… They even sold spirit slaves in the market. The slaves were mostly descendants of merpeople and women from foreign races with golden hair, green eyes, and gorgeous curves. When they were pulled out from cloth-covered cages and auctioned, the bidders were so excited that they took out all the gold coins from their pockets. Young Fenghuo had been dumbfounded by these scenes and would stand there and watch for half a day without moving his feet.

One month before Nanzhe City was reduced to a death city, he had visited the master of the city and stayed in his palace for a couple of days. At that time, everything was quiet and peaceful, and he saw no signs of the city master having any contact with Green Cloud. However, soon after he returned to the capital city Yongchuan, a feeder death plague broke out in Nanzhe, turning a beautiful and prosperous city into the den of feeder death ghosts in a few days. According to the few lucky people who had fled from the city, the master of Nanzhe City knew he had been deceived by Green Cloud and was so ashamed of himself that he killed himself by drinking the liquor with the poison Ghost Eat Snake Lotion. Before his suicide, he ordered soldiers to close the city gate, so the feeder death ghosts couldn’t go out and prey on other people.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Since then, the prosperous city became shambles and its fortune and glory were all in the past. Nanzhe had become a notorious death zone and the city of feeder death ghosts. People would pale in fear when its name was mentioned. The people who stumbled into the city after getting lost and the fortune hunters who ventured into the city to find treasures left behind by the city master had all become the feeder death ghosts’ meals.

Ouyang Hongye tried his best to suppress his fury as he asked, “Do you have a better plan?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Fenghuo roared impatiently, “I’d go anywhere other than that damned place and become feeder death ghosts’ food!”

Wangyue smiled at him in disdain and said to Hongye, “Forget it. He’s a coward! I think we’d better go without him!”

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