Chapter 24: Facing powerful rivals (Part One)

Walking out of the Forbidden Forest, the three youths heaved out a sigh of relief since they were one step closer to finishing the Yama King’s tasks. But Hyacinth knew that the real challenge had yet to come. He untied the rope and led them to a clearing near the Lingque Palace to take a break.

Pointing at the huge black shadows moving before the Lingque Palace in the distance, he said, “Look! Those are soul guarding soldiers!”

Contemptuously, Qianqi murmured to himself, “Soul guarding soldiers? Just watch how I get rid of them one by one.”

Hyacinth realized that they had lowered their guard because the first two tasks were easy. He must warn them about the fatal consequences if they underestimated the powerful soul guarding soldiers. He said, “It’s not easy to defeat them. In this place, the Yama King has endless spirit power. These are the best soldiers he has created.”

Still optimistic, Qianqi asked, “Are they more powerful than Mother Rakshasa? We defeated her with ease.”

Ouyang Xiaoleng noticed Hyacinth’s solemn tone and asked, “How many soul guarding soldiers are there?”

Hyacinth answered them honestly, “There are ten of them. Although each of them isn’t as powerful as Mother Rakshasa, the combined strength of ten soldiers is undoubtedly multiple times more powerful than hers.”

Thoughtfully, Ouyang Xiaoleng said, “Last time, Qianqi and I launched an Ice Dragon Roar Snow with Spirit Alliance and barely overpowered Mother Rakshasa. This time we don’t know how  our odds of winning are with Xia Qiu helping us.”

“I’ll help you. We’re in the same boat anyway. In the past hundreds of years after I came to the Yellow Spring Kingdom, I’ve not engaged in any battles, and thus my battle force isn’t as great as before; but my spirit power is still intact and can give you some assistance when you need it,” Hyacinth said firmly since he had made his mind.

His words warmed their hearts. Xia Qiu smiled with tears in her eyes and said, “Excellent! Hyacinth, we’re so lucky to have you help us! We don’t know how to thank you!”

Her smile was as warm as a spring breeze. Probably because he could find little warmth in the Yellow Spring Kingdom, the warmth in her smile made him feel that he received more than he had given.

He thought for a second and said, “I think we’d better split in two teams! Qianqi and I will draw the soul guarding soldiers to us. They are strong but not very smart since they are only the Yama King’s puppets. When they attack Qianqi and me, Xiaoleng and Xia Qiu must charge at the gate of the Lingque Palace and open it as fast as you can.”

Ouyang Xiaoleng and Xia Qiu agreed to his plan. “Got it!”

Hyacinth continued, “Once they notice your attempt, they’ll return to guard the gate. Then Qianqi and I will attack them from behind, so they’ll have to defend from both ends. They only guard the gate and the area around the palace and can’t enter it. So, one of you must enter the palace.”

“Okay. Let’s do as you said!” Qianqi wanted to be teamed with Xia Qiu but accepted Hyacinth’s arrangement.

They got everything ready and crept toward the gate of the Lingque Palace with Hyacinth and Qianqi taking the lead and Ouyang Xiaoleng and Xia Qiu hiding behind them. From the distance, they could feel the killing intent emitting from the soul guarding soldiers. Several blood ravens flew across above their heads with shrieks which sounded like horns before a battle.

Qianqi summoned his Godly Dragon Fire Bow and inhaled deeply several times. As Hyacinth nodded at him, he knew it was time. Without a word, he leapt out with Hyacinth and launched a false attack on the soldiers guarding the gate.

Dressed in black armor, the tall and brawny soul guarding soldiers stood like ten rock mountains. The soldiers saw them and ran up to block them with claw gloves on their left hands and long spears on their right hands. When they ran, the ground shook with huge sounds and dust; they moved so fast that they came before Qianqi and Hyacinth instantly like a black storm.

Qianqi shot purple light arrows toward the soldiers with his Godly Dragon Fire Bow but they showed no responses when the arrows shot into their bodies or scratched them. Qianqi was surprised that these huge creatures didn’t have the sense of pain; they just continued to charge even with arrows in their heads.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Flower Tear Swirl!” Hyacinth spread his arms and waved his sleeves lightly, forming a strong air cyclone with blue flowers. His spirit power was much greater than Qianqi had expected. The Flower Tear Swirl rose in the air and whistled toward the soul guarding soldiers.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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