Chapter 24: Facing powerful rivals (Part Two)

This move instantly weakened the first wave of attacks from the soldiers.

Immediately, Qianqi launched fierce attacks with the Godly Dragon Fire Bow; with Hyacinth’s assistance, Qianqi shot down several soldiers. After the first few rounds of attacks, Qianqi found the soldiers were very strong but had poor balance due to their huge sizes. So, he focused on attacking them from one side to knock them off balance.

After some soldiers were knocked to the ground, Ouyang Xiaoleng and Xia Qiu ran out from their hiding place toward the gate of the Lingque Palace, intending to take the opportunity to enter the palace. However, they took only a few steps when the soul guarding soldiers turned around and ran back toward them as if they had eyes on the back of their heads.

“No! We must help them enter the palace!” Hyacinth yelled at Qianqi as he summoned his Ivy Staff and charged at the soldiers, unleashing more ferocious attacks.

Meanwhile, Qianqi withdrew the Godly Dragon Fire Bow, summoned his sword Yazi with Transform Water to Weapon and engaged in hand-to-hand combat with the soldiers. Covered by Hyacinth, he leapt up and hacked his Yazi toward a soldier’s back. The soldier staggered and dropped to the ground; but before he fell, he swung out his arm and scratched Qianqi’s thigh with the claw.

Qianqi said self-mockingly, “I was careless!”

The wound wasn’t deep but was so painful that he dropped to the ground on one knee as blood oozed out from the wound. Two nearby soldiers turned around and stabbed sharp spears at his chest from both sides.

At this critical moment, Hyacinth lunged over and pushed him away forcefully as he yelled, “Don’t let your guard down. Their reflexes are quicker than we thought!”

“Yeah. I’m surprised these dumb and heavy creatures can move so fast!”

Qianqi smiled in embarrassment. Suppressing the pain with gritted teeth, he lunged toward the nearest soldier as blood dripped to the ground from his wound. He had only one thought in his mind—he must help Xia Qiu into the Lingque Palace at any price.

Before the gate, Ouyang Xiaoleng and Xia Qiu were forced to battle with the soldiers. It was Xia Qiu’s first real battle. Xiaoleng had warned her not to engage in a head-on fight, but she entered the fray whole-heartedly, not wanting to be a burden to her companions. With her nimble and flexible moves, she blocked the soldiers’ attacks with the Plum Blade; it was hard to block their attacks, not to mention fighting back.

These creatures seemed inexhaustible and didn’t show any signs of fatigue after fighting so long. No matter how hard the battle was, they remained silent and didn’t even pant. Except for the clanking sounds of weapons, the air was filled with hoarse yells from Xia Qiu, Ouyang Xiaoleng, Qianqi, and Hyacinth.

The battle got even harder to fight. Ouyang Xiaoleng had braced himself for a hard battle after hearing Hyacinth’s warnings, still he was astonished by the great fighting force of the soul guarding soldiers when the battle began. The aura from the silvery Godly Ice was brighter than ever; he guessed it was because it was his first time fighting alongside Xia Qiu, his blood pact partner. The blood of the Silvery Fox God surged in his veins and helped him unleash more power with the Godly Ice.

He increased the spirit power of his cyclone; it engulfed Xia Qiu and merged with her aura, so they could protect each other better.

He had noticed that the soldiers’ moves would slow down in close-range combat due to their huge sizes. After each big and powerful move, they’d pause for a few seconds. The pause wasn’t long but could be used against them.

As he fought, he reminded Xia Qiu, “Get close to them as much as possible and speed up your moves; watch out for their claws!”

“Got it!” Xia Qiu sensed Ouyang Xiaoleng’s spirit power surrounding her and gained more courage from it. She felt the Plum Blade was directing her moves; the fiercer she fought; the greater power would be unleashed from the blade.

Lord Yong had told her that the Plum Blade was a device that had stored memories of past battles; it had recorded all the moves that its previous users had used in battles. If she could become one with the Plum Blade, she’d not only unleash more of its power but learn battle skills from it.

Like machines, the soul guarding soldiers didn’t show any signs of slowing down; instead, their moves got fiercer. Xia Qiu felt tired and her moves turned weak; she could do nothing but block their attacks. Suddenly an idea occurred to her; she wondered if she should try hitting their legs with her advantage of a shorter figure.

She moved around nimbly and got close to a soldier with a faked attack; then she stabbed at the joint of his leg protected by armor. She felt her blade pierce into the leg; the wound wasn’t deep, but it forced the soldier to shift his heavy weight to the other leg and then lose his balance. She wanted to pull her blade out to dodge his claw which would strike any moment; but the tip of the blade was stuck in the crevice in the armor and the claw was swung toward her at a great speed.

At this critical moment, she leapt up and kicked the soldier’s thigh; gaining force from the kick, she pulled out her blade. The soldier she had stabbed let out a low roar and dropped to the ground. Dumping his long spear and claw, he struggled to stand up but failed.

Xia Qiu found the enemy’s weakness and yelled to her three companions, “Hit their legs! They’re too heavy and can’t stand if their legs are wounded!”

At this moment, another soldier threw his long spear at her. She tried to dodge it, but it still scratched her left shoulder. Instantly, her left half body felt as if it was burning. As burning sensation and pain swept across her body, she gritted her teeth and didn’t utter a sound. If Ouyang Xiaoleng and Qianqi found she was hurt, they’d get distracted.

Ouyang Xiaoleng had been watching her from the corner of his eye as he fought and saw she was attacked by the soldier. He asked immediately, “Are you hurt?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“It doesn’t matter. I’m fine!” Xia Qiu forced herself to answer calmly. To convince him, she immediately ran up and fought with the soldier who had just attacked her.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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