Chapter 26: Hyacinth’s determination (Part One)

Ouyang Xiaoleng had seen through Xia Qiu’s pretense and knew she was holding on with the last of the strength in her body. He quickened his attacks on the soul guarding soldiers around him so he could go over and help her.

But it wasn’t easy to fight three huge monsters at the same time. He had been keeping them away from him with his powerful spirit cyclone, or they’d have torn him into pieces with their claws.

Nimbly, he moved between them and tried to find their weak points. The titan-like monsters were strong, but their battle skills were simple. They always hacked down with great force, but due to their big size and the lack of the sense of pain, they had little defense. He thought he could hit them by launching some false moves to deceive them. Understanding this point, he controlled the flow of the battle and blinded a soldier with his sword.

The huge monster who had lost his sight brandished his weapon wildly and wounded his two companions. What happened next astonished everyone: the two wounded soldiers stabbed their long spears into the blind soldier’s chest one after another. Instead of red blood, a yellow-green gas came from the chest wounds in the stabbed soldier. It turned out they were not made of blood and flesh, but baleful souls which had been tortured in hell. The soul vanished as the soldier died.

After killing their companion, the other two soul guarding soldiers turned back to Ouyang Xiaoleng. Again, their behavior showed how simple-minded they were: when their companion hurt them by mistake, they’d kill this companion together.

Qianqi discovered the soldiers’ weakness and changed his tactic accordingly. He’d launch a false attack in the front and then move to their backs and stab the parts not protected by armor. He succeeded almost every time.

As they got more wounds in their bodies, the soul guarding soldiers looked less frightening and their attacks grew more random. Taking this opportunity, Hyacinth’s Flower Tear Swirl grew in power and disrupted their array.

As the four of them gained the upper hand, the remaining nine soul guarding soldiers, wounded or even crippled, knew they’d lose if they fought separately. So, they retreated and gathered together before the gate of the Lingque Palace, forming a shield before it.

“No. They’re using their last resort and blocked the gate. It’s more difficult for us to enter the palace now,” Hyacinth saw their intention and told the three youths.

“Let’s charge!”

Without waiting for them, Qianqi charged at the soul guarding soldiers standing in one line. Before he could get close, the soldiers formed an aura wall with their great spirit powers and bounced him back.

Hyacinth instructed Qianqi, “They have formed an aura barrier with their combined forces. We must figure out a way to handle it. Qianqi, I’ve gained some understanding of the changes and fluctuations of your spirit power while we fought as a team. Let’s merge our spirit powers and see if we can create a Spirit Alliance.”


While Qianqi unleashed his spirit power, he felt the fluctuations in Hyacinth’s spirit power and looked for the perfect moment to merge their powers. Qianqi’s spirit power cyclone was lake blue while Hyacinth’s was glittering sapphire blue. Instantly, their spirit powers merged and became one, emitting stunning lights.

Hyacinth hadn’t enjoyed a battle so much in the past 1,000 years. Since his birth as a spirit flower, this was the first time that he had tasted true freedom. This was a battle he chose to fight of his own will; these were his friends he chose of his own will. He offered to sacrifice for his friends of his own will, without any exchange involved. Suddenly, he remembered he had come to the Yellow Spring as a self-exile, but ironically, in this place he found love and friendship, the two things he valued the most in his life. He felt he could rest in peace without regret after he, a man of great sins, received these precious gifts.

At this moment, his power had merged completely with Qianqi’s. Qianqi’s Ice Dragon Saber faded away while the Godly Dragon Fire Bow on his left arm was summoned. He felt the Spirit Alliance unleashed an energy more powerful than he had ever felt before.

He even gave it a beautiful name—Dragon Song Flower Dance!

He shot an arrow. The purple tip of the arrow carried huge power from the Spirit Alliance and sharp petal-shaped crystals transformed by countless blue flowers, shooting toward the line of soul guarding soldiers. It shattered their aura wall, and the soldiers stumbled and fell to the ground.

“Now! Xiaoleng, Xia Qiu, and Qianqi! Let’s dash into the Lingque Palace!” Hyacinth yelled.

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