Chapter 26: Hyacinth’s determination (Part Two)

Xiaoleng and his friends answered as one, “Okay!”

As the four of them charged toward the main gate, the soul guarding soldiers stood up one by one and blocked their way again.

Xia Qiu felt the Plum Bade had bonded with her strength and the two rising forces were clinging together like magnets 

Ouyang Xiaoleng’s voice came to her ears, “Do you trust me completely?”

She nodded. “Yes!”

“This is the perfect moment to form our Spirit Alliance. With limited time, I don’t know how strong our Spirit Alliance will be, but it’s worth a try!”

“The Plum Blade is directing me to give you my power!”

Xia Qiu’s trust was the best encouragement for Ouyang Xiaoleng. As blood pact partners, their spirit alliance would be extraordinary, and this thought gave them endless confidence and courage. Instantly, their powers merged and reached the full scale quickly. Qianqi and Hyacinth had never imagined that such a seamless Spirit Alliance could form in such a short time.

The move they launched could be called Godly Plum Blade Ice. The intertwined red and white spirit cyclones carried countless red plums flowers condensed by ice flames. Ouyang Xiaoleng hacked down his sword and cut one arm off the soldier standing in the center. When the sword slashed down, the plum flowers petals fell to the ground with flames; then the sparks bounced back from the ground and rose into the sky, transforming into puffs of red smoke.

Tearing an opening in the soldiers’ defense line, the four of them ran close to the Lingque Palace. But the machine-like soldiers didn’t give up; again, they stood up and launched Wind Fire Shooting Star as their last resort. They swung their claws with whistling winds and formed a solid Wind Fire Shooting Star Array. From time to time, they shot out stones with whistling sounds and flames, forcing the four of them to retreat.

Qianqi roared in fury, “Enough is enough! These monsters are too tough to fight!”

Hyacinth knew that the battle had come to the final moment and someone must sacrifice his life. He gave them the last instruction, “I’ll cover you! You guys move forward when the time is right and don’t hesitate!”

They didn’t fully understand his words. Xia Qiu looked back at him and asked, “How about you?”

“Don’t mind me. I’ll figure out a way! Get ready!” Hyacinth moved away from them and stood before the soul death soldiers. Facing them was facing death, but he didn’t flinch. Unleashing all his spirit power, he launched Flower Tear Swirl and summoned three groups of peacock-blue flower petals which transformed into the images of Ouyang Xiaoleng, Xia Qiu, and Qianqi to fool the soldiers.

Sure enough, the soldiers turned to him and lunged at him and the images created by him with murder in their eyes.

As flying stones with flames shot toward him in all directions, Hyacinth did his best to block them and yelled at the youths who were standing there in a daze, “Morons! What are you waiting for? Open the gate and get in!”

Ouyang Xiaoleng nodded at him and charged at the gate of the Lingque Palace with Xia Qiu and Qianqi. Before they pushed open the gate, they glanced back at Hyacinth.

The images created by Hyacinth had been knocked down one by one; only he remained standing and battled the soldiers ferociously. His body was bleeding from wounds inflicted by flying stones; he moved back as he fought, and it was obvious that he wouldn’t stop fighting until he was knocked down.

Xia Qiu wanted to say something to him, but her words choked in her throat. The world around them was silent as if time had stopped; only tears slid down her cheeks.

The tightly closed gate was very heavy, but it was pushed open by concerted efforts from Qianqi and Ouyang Xiaoleng.

Blocking all emotions from his mind, Ouyang Xiaoleng took Xia Qiu’s hand and ran into the palace. He knew if they didn’t do as Hyacinth had told them, they’d waste the precious time and opportunity that Hyacinth had won for them at the price of his life.

“Don’t worry. Hyacinth will be okay.”

Following them, Qianqi comforted Xia Qiu and himself, too.

When Xia Qiu returned to her senses, she found they were standing in the dim interior of the Lingque Palace. The cave-like space had a big hole in the center leading to the underground. A manual lift made with metal and wood standing at the entrance looked out of place since they only saw such mechanisms in the human world.

Immediately, the three youths jumped onto the lift; Qianqi moved the handle, but the lift didn’t show any response. They thought it was broken and were wondering what to do when the lift began to move downward slowly with a creak. During the descent, they couldn’t help noticing how ancient the machine was as the teeth of the gears ground with each other, making the lift bump and shake violently.

Soon, they were brought to the space above a huge underground cave by the lift which was secured on one side of the cave. Countless gloomy blue flames leapt on the arched ceiling as if they were alive, forming a scene of a starry sky. Looking down from the lift, they saw rows and rows of soul plates engulfed by gloomy blue flames; tens of millions of soul plates hovered in the air. As Hyacinth had said, they couldn’t possibly find their own soul plates without the assistance of the manager.

When they reached the bottom of the cave, an old man wearing a grey robe appeared before them. He had translucent skin and silvery hair which covered one eye which seemed to have a green pupil. It reminded them of another man—Yanming, the stone spirit who always accompanied Elder Cheng.

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