Chapter 27: Black Lion Eagle Beast (Part Two)

They exchanged a look and made up their mind. Shoulder to shoulder, they walked up and pushed open the door of the main hall. The dim light from the outside brought a little illumination into the hall. Heavy dust floated down like snowflakes and danced in the air with the reverberations caused by the heavy drum beats, looking like a beautiful scene on a snowy day in the north. But with their lives on the line, they were not in the mood to appreciate the view.

“Be quiet!”

“I see nothing. Where is it?”

“It’s too dark to see anything…”

Ouyang Hongye and Fenghuo walked in with Wangyue following them. They glanced around with the dim light from outside and searched for a huge shadow in the darkness. Where was the beast hiding? Would it pounce on them and tear them into pieces? They knew its sharp claws could tear them apart as easily as tearing apart a piece of paper.

Cautiously, Ouyang Hongye followed the booming drum beats and looked up; he saw something he didn’t want to see. A huge black shadow sat on the top of a column in the hall; as they had expected, it was a Black Lion Eagle Beast.

Its pitch-black body merged in the darkness in the hall. It cocked its head and revealed one orange round eye which was staring at them unblinkingly. Huge wings flapped with feathers standing on end, as if it would dive down and pounce on them any moment like a tornado.

Seeing its posture, Ouyang Hongye and his companions took their stances with their weapons raised, waiting for its attack anxiously.

But the Black Lion Eagle Beast wasn’t in a hurry to attack; it seemed to be waiting for its prey to move. Maybe this was its first time seeing alive creatures instead of its everyday diet of withered feeder death ghosts. Its eye revealed not only a craving for prey and blood, but also a curiosity and mostly, an unnamed pain.

Ouyang Hongye signaled to his companions with his eyes not to attack the Black Lion Eagle Beast. The three men and the beast stared at each other for a while; then the beast’s eye lost much of its ferocity and alertness. It looked more curious with a child-like naïve.

“It seems it’s only a kitten!”

Ouyang Hongye guessed this Black Lion Eagle Beast was only a baby. While he was amazed by the huge body of the kitten, he felt lucky that it was still an innocent “child”.

He met its gaze and was considering what to do next when the beast dived down from the column. When its wings spread out, they were more than ten meters wide; heavy dust rose into the air as it flapped its wings, forcing Hongye and his two companions to close their eyes.

When he opened his eyes again, the Black Lion Eagle Beast was standing less than one meter away from him. It cocked its head and stared at him with one eye which blinked from time to time as if it was trying to communicate with him. He didn’t know if he should move or remain still; he didn’t dare to lower his sword, either. He wondered if the beast was intelligent enough to communicate with him; maybe it took them as its own kind. All sorts of weird thoughts flashed across his mind.

The Black Lion Eagle Beast leaned its head to him and sniffed his face and body; then it pecked its sword with his sharp beak with a Dang sound echoing in the hall.

He held his breath and didn’t dare to move, afraid to alarm it. When he realized it had no intention to attack, with courage he didn’t know he possessed, he extended out a hand to it tentatively, maybe to show his good will.

At first, it moved its head back in resistance; then it stopped and let him stroke its head. Then it turned its head and revealed its other eye. The sight of the eye was so horrible that the three of them were dumbfounded. The upper and lower eyelids of the eye were pierced by a metal hook, making it impossible to open the eye. They didn’t know how the hook pierced its eyelids, but they could see it was suffering great pain from it, which was why it lost some of its wildness and looked so mild.

Ouyang Hongye understood that it was asking for his help. He didn’t know why it chose him, but he mustered his courage and cautiously grabbed the other end of the hook, pulling it out little by little. As he did it, he murmured soothingly, “Okay. You’ll be fine very soon… Hold on, little one…” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

After pulling the hook from its eyelids, he took out some healing powder from his pocket; pulling open the dirty ghost robe, he tore off a slip of cloth from his clean robe and dabbed the powder on its wounds, healing them with spirit power.

When he finished, the beast no longer looked dispirited; instead, it let out grumbling sounds from its belly, looking relieved and gratified. It seemed it had accepted Ouyang Hongye, but only him. It turned around and stared at the other two men in hostility; it let out loud Wuu sounds as if it was issuing them a challenge.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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