Chapter 28: Friend in Lingque Palace (Part One)

When the youths got off the lift, it went up slowly by itself.

Qianqi asked before the old man could speak, “Are you the one-eye wizard?”

The old man nodded and began to speak with an echoing voice like stones bumping into each other, “There’s no one but me in this place. Even the master of the Yellow Spring Kingdom doesn’t come here. This is an important place in the kingdom; the soul plates stored in here are the only evidence for the souls that they were once humans. When a name is written on a soul plate, it means the owner of the name has lost the qualification to reincarnate. They’ll stay here forever in a form neither alive nor dead and suffer from endless pain and torture. You’ve just entered this place and your ears are not yet used to the sounds here. In a while, you’ll hear the howls from these names and understand why I’m the only one staying in this place.”

The one-eye old wizard’s description of the Lingque Palace brought goosebumps out all over Xia Qiu’s body; even more suspicious of his motive of staying here, she asked, “Why did you choose to stay here?”

“It’s work! Someone has to do it! You’re the same. You know how dangerous this place is, but you still came at the risk of your lives. I can guess the reason why you’re here; but I know you can’t enter this place without help. The person who helped you… I know he’s Hyacinth; is he okay?” the one-eye old wizard answered their question casually and asked about Hyacinth.

Xia Qiu could discern from his tone that Hyacinth meant something to him; she answered, “To help us get into the Lingque Palace, he’s still fighting those soul guarding soldiers outside. We must take our soul plates as soon as possible and meet him outside.”

“The Yellow Spring Kingdom has its own rules. Look at that fire door. All the soul plates appear in the fire door as soon as their owners’ souls enter the Yellow Spring. The plates are the keys connecting the souls and their physical bodies and are not allowed to return to their owners.” The one-eye old wizard pointed at a door engulfed in gloomy blue flames and continued, “The Yama King would know I violated the code of conduct as the manager of this place if I gave you guys your soul plates. It’s probably why he gave you this difficult task.”

“We must finish the Yama King’s tasks to get the land rune concealed in the Yellow Spring Kingdom and seal the four godly beasts’ powers in the godly columns in the spirit world, otherwise the whole spirit world would collapse. Hyacinth said you like to collect colorful crystal stones!”

As Ouyang Xiaoleng spoke, he took out his colorful crystal stone from his pocket and handed it to the one-eye old wizard. 

“Did he tell you guys to bribe me with this? He’s tired of living and even tries to drag me down with him!”

The one-eye old wizard complained but he sounded worried about Hyacinth. After a moment of hesitation, he took Ouyang Xiaoleng’s colorful crystal stone. In the ember-like golden stone, the white snowflakes looked extremely pure and clear. The old wizard held it in his palm carefully and studied it from all directions, totally charmed by it. The stone was clear and beautiful, just like the white-robed youth who was handsome and cool in an ethereal way.

He said with a deep sigh, “It’s truly a rare stone!”

Seeing his interest, Ouyang Xiaoleng asked, “What do you think? If I give you the stone, can you make an exception and help us find our soul plates?”

“Let me think! One stone can be exchanged for only one soul plate. I’ll give you your soul plate.” The old wizard’s green eye turned in its socket. On one hand, he couldn’t resist the temptation of Ouyang Xiaoleng’s colorful crystal stone; on the other hand, he feared the Yama King’s fury and was worried about Hyacinth.

“I also have a colorful crystal stone for you.” Xia Qiu took out her stone and showed it to the wizard.

The wizard looked up from Ouyang Xiaoleng’s stone and glanced at Xia Qiu’s. In one glance, he knew their stones were one pair. Her translucent stone contained a red blossom which was blooming so brightly and so full of the vigor of youth and life that it reminded him of the girl who was standing before him.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

He took her stone with the other hand and said, “Well, these two stones are a pair and I can’t separate them! I’ll make an exception and find your soul plate, too.”

Qianqi handed him his stone immediately as he said, “Here’s mine!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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