Chapter 28: Friend in Lingque Palace (Part Two)

This stone had an even rarer scene in it. In the lake-blue stone was embedded a red sun which emitted radiant lights; it was a rare scene that even a poet couldn’t imagine. This youth must be the son of the dragon king and couldn’t stay far from water, but he himself craved for the sun’s light and heat, which indicated the warmth and candidness of his character. However, the sun can’t stay long in water, just like water and fire can’t coexist. Either the light and heat of the sun burn up the water, or the lake water cools down the sun. Looking at the stone, the old wizard had a misgiving in his heart.

He liked to collect colorful crystal stones because he could sense the owners’ characters and destinies from the different patterns in their stones. He couldn’t see the details but could sense the general outline of a person’s life. These stones made him feel that he could know stories of the worlds without walking out of the dark world of the Yellow Spring Kingdom. The stories were either beautiful, sad, pathetic or hollow, but the different destinies touched his heart.

Different from Yanming, he was a half stone spirit. Since he gained consciousness, he had been in the Forbidden Forest. A stone coming from an alternate world, he was embedded into a tree for some reason and became one with it as time went on. He drew life from the tree and evolved into a spirit. When he walked out of the Forbidden Forest hopefully, he found he was in the Yellow Spring Kingdom, the place for exiled sinful souls. He had come out of one cage and entered another one. He tried to flee from the kingdom but was hunted down by Black Malefic and White Malefic who blinded one of his eyes. After finding he had powerful soul power and could sense the future, the Yama King sent him to manage the Lingque Palace and promised to let him leave the Yellow Spring Kingdom after working for 1,000 years. In the first 200 years, he counted the days; later, time was no longer important to him. However, as the number of soul plates under his management increased, his craving for freedom became faint.

Whenever he got a soul plate from the fire door, he’d receive the information about the crimes the soul had committed in the human world. Before he could see any beauty in the world, he was overwhelmed by the ugly side of it, which lowered his expectations for the world little by little until he was terrified of going out of the Yellow Spring Kingdom and entering the human world.

The Yama King allowed him to leave the Lingque Palace once every 100 years. One time when he went out, he met Hyacinth who told him many things about the outside world. Most of the things were contrary to what he had known, which rekindled his hope.

In his eyes, Hyacinth was a man as ethereal as a fairy. But despite his beauty, he was burdened with regrets for his past. Hyacinth never talked about his past and the wizard never asked. They promised to meet once every 100 years; when they met, Hyacinth would tell him the stories about the outside world while the one-eye old wizard told him things and secrets he knew about the Yellow Spring Kingdom, and details about his background including how he woke up in the Forbidden Forest and how he was captured. He just wanted to repay Hyacinth with something, otherwise he wouldn’t recall his past.

The remaining eye of his could see lots of things. At the beginning, when he got the names from the plate souls, he could see some flashbacks and feelings of the owners; later, he could see the details of their lives. However, he couldn’t control or choose the scenes he wanted to see; they just entered his eye randomly. He had tried to see Hyacinth’s past without his notice when they met, but he saw nothing. Later he realized that he could only see things that people didn’t want to conceal from others and couldn’t see the things that people wanted to conceal or forget. In fact, he wasn’t very old; he gained lots of knowledge because of the ability of his eye. The information he had wasn’t what he wanted; the things he craved to know were still mysteries to him, including where he came from and Hyacinth’s secret past.

When he saw Xia Qiu, Ouyang Xiaoleng, and Qianqi, he was very excited. He knew Hyacinth had directed them to him when Ouyang Xiaoleng took out his colorful crystal stone. In the entire Yellow Spring Kingdom, only Hyacinth knew his hobby. He didn’t know how to define his relationship with Hyacinth. From the knowledge he had gained from the souls, he tried to search for a word to describe Hyacinth’s meaning to him and found the word was “friend”. Then he saw many stories about betrayal and deception among friends, which made him wonder about the meaning of the word “friend”. Now he saw the three youths who formed a strange team—the heir to the throne of the spirit world; the human girl who had made the blood pact with him; the only son of the Ember Dragon King.

These young people had pure souls and beautiful looks; they shouldered a common mission. He was envious of them. Besides, they had gained help from his only friend Hyacinth. In fact, the real reason that made him decide to take the risk and help them wasn’t the colorful crystal stones but Hyacinth who directed them to him. He was determined to protect people that Hyacinth wanted to protect, even though he’d face punishment from the unpredictable and merciless Yama King. Wasn’t it an adventure for him? Wasn’t his heart racing because of this rare chance of adventure after ages of sitting alone in this cage?(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

The old wizard turned around and walked to one side of the cave. As their eyes got used to the dimness, Xia Qiu, Ouyang Xiaoleng and Qianqi saw shelves on the walls of the Lingque Palace. On the shelves were stones of different shapes. The old wizard put their stones in a compartment which looked very prominent. In it was displayed a colorful crystal stone which was pitch-black with a withered brown twig in the center. Obviously, it was his stone.

After placing the stones on the shelf, he inhaled deeply and turned around to them, saying, “Okay. I’ll ask you names one by one. When I call you names, you must follow my instructions without saying a word!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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