Chapter 3: Old Ouyang Manor (Part One)

Ouyang Xiaoleng returned to his home close to Yongchuan Forest. Guarded by a huge realm shield, the ancient house named Old Ouyang Manor was invisible to the outside world.

In the garden, the pavilions with unique designs, the artificial hill built with Taihu stones, the winding paths connecting a small bridge, and the gurgling creek looked the same as if they were built hundreds of years ago. Rare flowers and plants bloomed under spirit power in this cold weather, exhibiting their different kinds of pretty forms.

The main part of the house was built on the stone foundation rising above the ground. The big glass door in the living room led to a patio in the garden. Underneath the patio was a pond. In the living room, the antique red-wood furniture, paintings, calligraphy scrolls and swords hanging on the walls, and a high-end Chinese zither were a glaring contrast to the few electronic devices, including a TV set and telephone. 

Ouyang Xiaoleng’s adoptive father, Ouyang Hongye, was sitting before the tea table and doing some channel surfing on TV. When Ouyang Xiaoleng came in, he turned it off.

Ouyang Hongye was troubled by the attack on Xia Qiu by ghosts in the forest. As the best candidate to make a blood pact with Xiaoleng, Xia Qiu was extremely important to him and the whole spirit world. He had arranged Ouyang Xiaoleng to study in Yongchuan High School so the boy could get close to Xia Qiu. He had thought they could proceed with the blood pact slowly, but it seemed they needed to speed it up.

“When can you explain the whole thing to Xia Qiu?” Ouyang Hongye asked without preamble.

“I don’t know.”

Like before, he tried to dodge this question since he didn’t want to drag Xia Qiu into the war in his world. How could he allow a fragile human to share his burden? Even though the Spirit King’s Crown had a strong reaction whenever he got close to her, he tried his best to suppress this reaction.

“Alas. You know that person’s minions are very active lately both in the spirit world and the human world. Wangyue and Muya are conducting investigations in these two worlds respectively. As Xueye’s son and the only heir to the throne of the Fox Spirit King, you must make the choice now. If you wait any longer, our world might be destroyed by that person.” Ouyang Hongye stood up and walked toward him, giving him a pat on the shoulder in passing as he said, “Don’t go to school tomorrow. Go to the Capital City. Lord Yong wants to see you.”

Xia Qiu was still mulling over Ouyang Xiaoleng’s appearance at her door; he was obviously waiting for her, but when she came, he left. She just didn’t understand it.

She found that Ouyang Xiaoleng looked different today; his eyes and expression were softer and he even smiled faintly when he saw her in the morning. The aura that told people to stay away from him disappeared, too. It should be a good thing, but she felt uncomfortable about it. Her attraction to him even surpassed those ancient legends in Yongchuan; she was fascinated by the mysteries about him.

When the bell rang for the end of today’s school, Ouyang Xiaoleng walked out of the classroom before the others. When he passed Xia Qiu’s desk, he knocked on her desk with a knuckle. She didn’t know if he did it on purpose or by accident, but she had the weird urge to follow him and find out the mysteries about him.

She followed him from some distance. His steps were light and easy, but whenever she felt she’d lose him, he’d slow down a bit. In this way, she came to a small lane not far from Yongchuan Forest without her notice.

The lane was in fact a narrow opening between two closely built houses. The lane got narrower and narrower until she could only pass by walking sideways. She had to slow down her steps. When she looked up, Ouyang Xiaoleng had disappeared. She pushed on in confusion and came to a clearing surrounded by lush green trees. Before her was a high stone wall and a black door. Stepping forward, she saw two characters “Ouyang” on the wooden plague on one side of the door and guessed this was Xiaoleng’s home.

She had never known such a place existed in Yongchuan. The door looked heavy but opened at a slight push. Still she symbolically knocked on it. The person standing on the other side of the door wasn’t Xiaoleng but a guy older than her. He was very handsome with gorgeous features and up-slanting oriental eyes. His long black hair was tied loosely with a blue hair band and draped down one side of his chest. Tied together by a belt, the red long robe he wore was of a style not of this century and the hem with exquisite embroidery touched the ground elegantly.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Little girl, are you lost?” the man asked with a smile in his eyes and his voice sounded lazy.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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