Chapter 3: Old Ouyang Manor (Part Three)

As Ouyang Hongye spoke, a huge surge of spirit presence swept toward them from the ground. Ouyang Xiaoleng returned earlier than expected. It was obvious that Lord Yong and Wangyue couldn’t make him stay the night in the spirit world’s capital city as they had planned.

“Hongye, you’re meddling with my business again!” Ouyang Xiaoleng said angrily.

He had sensed that Ouyang Hongye was up to something when the latter sent him to see Grandpa Yong in the capital city of the spirit world, but he had never imagined that Ouyang Hongye would bring Xia Qiu into the Old Ouyang Manor. Angry and ashamed that he had fallen for Ouyang Hongye’s trick, he couldn’t suppress his spirit power which emitted from his body in the form of silver white flames. His hair turned silver white and a pair of fox ears sprouted on the top of his head; a silver sword materialized in his hand. 

Ouyang Hongye knew they might hurt Xia Qiu if they fought in the air, so he brought her down to the ground. Ouyang Xiaoleng followed them closely and landed on the ground almost at the same time.

Xia Qiu had never seen such a scene before. As she watched, Ouyang Hongye’s body transformed, too, with fox ears popping out on his head and black hair turning to red. The red cyclone around him collided with Ouyang Xiaoleng’s silvery cyclone with great heatwaves and it looked like they’d explode any moment.

“Xia Qiu, get into the house!”

Ouyang Hongye let go of her hand and said. Meanwhile, a red-handled sword appeared in his hand. But to his surprise, the fragile-looking human girl stepped between him and Ouyang Xiaoleng. Any humans would flee or lose consciousness if they saw this scene, but she showed not the slightest fear.

“Didn’t you lead me here?” Xia Qiu didn’t know why Ouyang Xiaoleng was so angry.

“I?!” Ouyang Xiaoleng paused as understanding dawned on him.

“I’m sorry. Xia Qiu, I deceived you!” Ouyang Hongye withdrew his sword and transformed into Ouyang Xiaoleng.

Xia Qiu was dumbfounded. Finally, she understood why Ouyang Xiaoleng had looked different today in school. After transformation, Ouyang Hongye looked like Ouyang Xiaoleng but the look in his eyes and presence were different.

Transforming back to himself, Ouyang Hongye felt a bit guilty for the deception; but he had no choice since their enemies might return any time and Xiaoleng was reluctant to tell Xia Qiu the truth.

At Xia Qiu’s interruption, Ouyang Xiaoleng calmed down gradually and returned to his human form. He knew he must make a choice between telling her everything and taking her away from this place.

“I want to know the real reason that you brought me to this place,” Xia Qiu said to Ouyang Hongye, since she knew he didn’t get her here just to tell her their background.

“I want to ask you to make blood pact with Xiaoleng!” Ouyang Hongye answered directly, not giving Xiaoleng a chance to dodge the topic.


“Yes, you! You’re not the only human that can make a blood pact with Xiaoleng but you’re the best candidate. Your fates were intertwined before you were born; you didn’t know it, but Xiaoleng knew it long ago.”

“Is that why he goes to my school?”

“I arranged for him to go; he wasn’t aware of it at the beginning. You two met when you were children and during that meeting, he sensed the choice made by the Spirit King’s Crown in his body.”

“I’ll tell her the rest!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Ouyang Hongye was about to say more but was interrupted by Ouyang Xiaoleng. Thinking it was better for Xiaoleng to explain the rest to Xia Qiu, he left them in the garden.

Xia Qiu’s attention was riveted on the part the she had met Ouyang Xiaoleng when they were children. How come she didn’t remember it? Looking at Ouyang Xiaoleng’s face, she searched her memories and rested her gaze on his grey blue eyes. How could she forget these eyes? They were of the most beautiful color she had seen. Who else possessed such eyes? Suddenly, she remembered the fox she had saved when she was six years old. At this thought, the incident came to her mind.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“I saved a small fox when I was six years old,” Xia Qiu blurted out.

“Yeah! It was me!”

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