Chapter 30: The blue butterflies are gone (Part One)

The one-eye old wizard walked to the fire door and plucked a flame. As the blue soul flame jumped in his palm, his body was engulfed in an aura of spirit power. His aura was pale grey like his hair. He turned to Xia Qiu and said, “Say your name!”

Xia Qiu answered solemnly, “Xia Qiu.”

“Now, Xia Qiu, put your palm on the blue soul flame in my palm.”

Xia Qiu didn’t know how hot the blue soul flame was, but she still followed his instruction and placed her palm on the flame. Upon touching the blue flame, she felt pain in the center of her palm, but it wasn’t a burning pain; it felt like a sharp needle piercing the center of her palm and entering her blood vessels before travelling to her heart and brain. It seemed to be trying to connect with her nervous system or find harmony with her soul. The tickling sensation came from her nerve ends as her whole body was pierced by this force. Then the piercing force traveled back to her heart and returned to the center of her palm through her blood veins. Her palm turned hotter and the force pushed her hand slowly away from the old wizard’s palm.

A white soul plate materialized in the blue soul flame jumping in his palm. It looked to be made of milky white bones and had the luster of ivory. On the plate were engraved two signs with black ink; one of them looked like a summer cicada while the other looked like a maple leaf. The old wizard immediately pulled the soul plate from the soul flame with the other hand and handed it to Xia Qiu.

Then he turned to Ouyang Xiaoleng. Sweat popped out on his forehead, proof that inducing soul plates consumed lots of spirit power and soul power. “Say your name!”

“Ouyang Xiaoleng.”

“Put your palm on the blue soul flame in my palm as Xia Qiu did.”

When his hand touched the flame, Ouyang Xiaoleng felt the old wizard’s spirit power was burning. He had never seen anyone using spirit power in this way. In short, the old wizard’s soul power was like fuel and his spirit power was flame; he had to consume lots of fuel to keep the flame burning.

Ouyang Xiaoleng felt the blue soul flame travel in his blood and bones until it reached his heart and brain and struck a chord in him. Then the blue spirit flame returned to the center of his palm through the original route and his soul plate materialized in the blue soul flame. As before, the old wizard pulled it out from the flame. A pattern of a fox was engraved on this soul plate.

The old wizard had consumed almost all of his energy. His breathing became heavy with light moaning sounds. Obviously, the burning was agonizing for him. He inhaled deeply and asked Qianqi, “Your name.”


Qianqi repeated the same process as Ouyang Xiaoleng and Xia Qiu had done. When the old wizard finally drew out his soul plate with the sign of a dragon, the old man had overdrawn his soul power and spirit power; he stumbled back a few steps in fatigue and sat heavily on a chair behind him. Panting heavily, he pushed the remaining flame toward the blue soul fire door. It flew back into the door and merged with the other flames.

Between his heavy pants, the old wizard said, “Okay, you’ve got our soul plates! Hurry out and see Hyacinth. I have a bad feeling about him…”

He looked agonized. When his soul power and spirit power came to their limits while he searched for soul plates for the youths, his senses grew extremely sharp and received a scent from Hyacinth. The scent was usually peaceful and transcendent; was it a farewell? He even saw Hyacinth’s image in his mind; he smiled at the old wizard and turned his beautiful face away, walking toward the Forbidden Forest without looking back. The old wizard called out to him but couldn’t stop him from walking away.

The old wizard knew instinctively that Hyacinth’s life had come to an end, but he didn’t want to accept it. For the first time in his life, he wished his vision was mistaken! It must be mistaken, he comforted himself; how could that fellow leave so easily?!(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

After saying farewell to the old wizard, the three youths hurried back to the ground through the lift. When Ouyang Xiaoleng pushed at the gate of the Lingque Palace, he felt it was heavier than before and needed Qianqi’s help to open it. It turned out a soldier’s huge body was lying motionless at the doorway and blocked the gate. The air was filled with dust and the smell of blood. The soul guarding soldiers’ motionless bodies lay randomly on the ground, but they didn’t see Hyacinth.

“Hyacinth!” Xia Qiu yelled.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

They called out his name and searched for him. After a long time, a hand gripping a flute struggled out from beneath a soldier’s body and raised high in the air. They immediately ran over. Ouyang Xiaoleng and Qianqi pushed hard at the huge body and finally got it off Hyacinth.

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