Chapter 32: A bond that can never be cut off (Part One)

Pothos trembled in astonishment when her father hugged her; in his embrace, her sorrow and resentment melted as she was comforted by the long-lost love from her father. Leaning against his chest, she relaxed and cried her eyes out.

This was the first embrace she had gotten since she could remember things. She had never imagined she’d feel another person’s body warmth in the Yellow Spring Kingdom. After all, blood was thicker than water; instantly, her resentment for her father evaporated.

The Yama King whispered to his daughter’s ear, “Life can’t truly disappear in the Yellow Spring Kingdom. It just transfers into another form. In this place, I can control the laws of life, so I can reverse the death of Hyacinth’s physical body!”

Gently, he pushed his daughter from his arms and extended out his hand, drawing the blue butterfly which was flying around her into his palm. He knew the blue butterfly was another form of Hyacinth. Chanting silently a passage of mantra, he tossed the butterfly into the air.

The butterfly flew up as gold dust fell from it. A man’s figure materialized in the glittering gold dust. Pothos rubbed her eyes in astonishment and was finally convinced that the man was Hyacinth. Beside herself with joy, she ran into his arms. For the first time in her life, she touched her lover; she was so happy that tears slid down her cheeks uncontrollably.

Hyacinth could do nothing but hold her tightly. He was so thrilled that he couldn’t utter a word; no words could describe his happiness right now.

Standing by their side, Xia Qiu’s eyes turned moist and turned her head away to wipe tears from her face. Qianqi ran over and patted Hyacinth’s shoulder.

Hyacinth turned to Qianqi, Ouyang Xiaoleng, and Xia Qiu and said, “We meet again!”

“Man, you died for us without our permission! I thought I’d never see you again!” Qianqi was beyond himself with sorrow and joy.

“Leave us!” The Yama King ordered the Black and White Impermanences who were whispering among themselves.

When he saw his heart-broken daughter, he was overwhelmed by fatherly love for her and forgot his dignity as the master of the Yellow Spring Kingdom; now he realized he had behaved improperly. He had ruled the Yellow Spring Kingdom which had no births or deaths with his unpredictable temper and cruelty. With total control of the laws of life in the kingdom, he could turn anything into dust, trees, souls, or blood ravens as the mood struck him. The highly intelligent Black and White Impermanences feared him and submitted to him because of his iron-handed rule. But today, he dumped his usual cruelty and became a benign father doting on his daughter.

After the Black and White Impermanences left, the Yama King said to the youths, “The land rune you mentioned is indeed in my palace, but no one but I have seen it. Like a seal, it maintains the balance of the distorted space in the Yellow Spring and stops the dark force of the Forbidden Forest from leaking. It’s why I don’t want to give it to anyone!”

“I see! If you told me this earlier, we would not have asked you to give it to us! We must leave now and find another way!”

Before the Yama King could finish, Ouyang Xiaoleng turned around and was about to leave with Qianqi and Xia Qiu.

“Young man, why are you so impatient? Just because no one else has seen it, I can give it to you. I’ll keep a fake one here unless someone defeats me and takes it out, otherwise no one will know the real land rune has been taken to the spirit world! My only request is that you must not tell anyone where you got the land rune. The reason is simple—there are more than one rune lost in different worlds by the Heavenly God. If you keep it a secret, no one will suspect the land rune has gone from this world.”

As he spoke, he turned around and walked behind the throne; he pressed on a protruding part on the throne and with a click, the back of the throne slid open, revealing a drawer-sized hole. He reached into it and took out the land rune.

Ouyang Xiaoleng and his companions were surprised when they found the land rune was in fact a gold-threaded bag of sand from the god world.

“Scatter the sand around the bases of the godly columns and the vibrations of the land will stop. But you’ll need the sky rune to stop the sky from shaking.” The Yama King handed the bag to Ouyang Xiaoleng without hesitation.

“Thank you!” Ouyang Xiaoleng took the bag carefully. The moment he touched it, he felt as if a burden had been relieved from his shoulders.

Xia Qiu and Qianqi walked over and stared at the small bag in his hand. Their adventure had begun from the moment when they decided to enter the Yellow Spring Kingdom. The bag was what they had come for, but they had gained more things than this, including their growth and their friendship with Hyacinth. As they gazed at the bag, the Yama King told them the truth about the Yellow Spring Kingdom.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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