Chapter 33: Return (Part Two)

She opened her mouth, looking incredulous and ecstatic, and exclaimed, “You…you just entered the lake, right?”

Only Ouyang Xiaoleng could remain calm. He asked her, “How long has passed after we disappeared in the lake?”

“About five minutes. I was about to leave and then saw you come back. One legend says the time in the Yellow Spring Kingdom is distorted; it turns out the legend is true! You guys are the only people who could return from that place safely. I have more genuine information about that place than anyone else!” While she was happy for their safe return, Dong Muya was exhilarated for getting such valuable information.

The youths were happy to hear this great news that the time they spent in the Yellow Spring Kingdom was only a few minutes. With the land rune, the mission of saving the spirit world was half-way done.

Little time had passed in this world, but the fatigue they felt was very real, especially for Xia Qiu who had recently made the blood pact with Ouyang Xiaoleng and had just made a narrow escape from Mother Rakshasa. Entering the warm and bright Yongchuan from the cold and dim Yellow Spring, she felt dizzy under the bright and hot sunshine; her legs turned into jelly and faltered.

Ouyang Xiaoleng and Qianqi noticed it almost at the same time and ran over to help her.

Qianqi asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I’m fine. I’m a bit unused to the sunshine after not seeing it for so long.”

Xia Qiu knew they must return to the spirit world through the maze path in the Old Ouyang Manor and was afraid the boys would delay it because of her.

Ouyang Xiaoleng said to her in an irrefutable tone, “Now that we’ve got the land rune, you must stay in the Old Ouyang Manor and have a good rest. Qianqi and I will return to the spirit world.”

For some reason, Xia Qiu didn’t want to part with him at this moment. She knew very well what he’d face after returning to the spirit world. Would Elder Cheng and the other counts make things difficult for him? How was Ouyang Hongye and Wangyue doing with their search for the sky rune? After witnessing the deep love between Pothos and Hyacinth, she felt it would be a torture if she didn’t stay by his side at this critical moment.

She shook her head and looked at him imploringly. “I’m fine. Let’s go back together!”

Qianqi smiled radiantly and said, “If you truly want to go, I’ll carry you on my back.”

Without asking for her permission, he squatted with his back to her, reached out his arms and caught her calves, yelling happily, “Let’s go! We’ll meet over there!”

Ouyang Xiaoleng hoped Xia Qiu would rest in the Old Ouyang Manor, but to his surprise, Qianqi took it upon himself to carry her on his back, giving Ouyang Xiaoleng no time to stop him.

Watching them, Dong Muya shook her head with a knowing smile on her face. After all, she had been there. Before they left, she told them an important clue, “When I searched for the information about the land rune, I also found an important clue about the sky rune.”

Ouyang Xiaoleng was about to leave; he stopped when he heard her words and asked, “What’s it?”

“I read from a passage that a fresco in the secret garden of the Nanzhe Place has a record hinting about the whereabouts of the sky rune in the spirit world.”

“Does Hongye know about it?” Ouyang Xiaoleng asked, impressed again by Dong Muya’s expertise in managing and collecting information.

“Don’t worry. I had Thorn deliver the message to them early this morning.” 

“Good! We’ll return to the capital city and hand the land rune to Lord Yong. After a short rest, we’ll set out tomorrow to give Hongye and Wangyue a hand.”

“Okay. Let Thorn deliver a message to me if you need me.” Dong Muya nodded and knew they were impatient to leave.

“Got it!” Ouyang Xiaoleng answered.

Before Xia Qiu could say goodbye to Dong Muya, Qianqi dashed out and shot into the sky with a swoosh.

“Put me down!” Xia Qiu begged him.

She was now familiar with him, but he was still a boy and she felt uncomfortable being carried on his back. But he ignored her protest and flew higher.

Ouyang Xiaoleng unleashed the full force of his spirit power as he chased after them. Despite his annoyance, he looked contemptuous. “I’ll race you to the Double Life Black Corridor!”

Qianqi brightened. “Let’s do it!”

They flew higher and higher and forgot their fatigue after the fierce battle in the Yellow Spring Kingdom. Gusts whistled past Xia Qiu’s ears and she had to tighten her grip around Qianqi’s neck. Gradually, the entire city of Yongchuan appeared under her. She missed the peaceful beauty of this small city surrounded by greeneries; she didn’t have time to enjoy it lately due to her tight schedule. She found her home and school and gazed at them for a moment.

Flying with Ouyang Xiaoleng and Qianqi, she was fearless no matter how high she was in the sky. The sunshine got even more blinding and forced her to close eyes. Before she knew it, she fell asleep.

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