Chapter 34: Spirit Horse Forest (Part One)

“Listen!” Ouyang Hongye warned.

Wangyue answered, “Someone broke in!”

“Let’s go and have a look!” Fenghuo found the voices quite familiar.

With the Black Lion Eagle Beast before them, they ran over and saw three youths were battling a group of feeder death ghosts.

Ouyang Hongye yelled their names in surprise, “Xiaoleng! Xia Qiu! Qianqi!”

“They are here!” Wangyue was also excited.

“Little Nan, go and help them!”

Hearing Ouyang Hongye’s words, the Black Lion Eagle Beast charged at the feeder death ghosts surrounding the three youths and forced them to retreat with a few moves.

Ouyang Hongye had many questions for the teenagers but knew it wasn’t a good time to talk. Seeing more ghosts swarm toward them, he yelled, “Let’s get out of Nanzhe City!”

They gathered together and killed their way to the city gate. Under the cover of Ouyang Hongye and Little Nan, the Black Lion Eagle Beast, the others leapt over the wall. Then Ouyang Hongye said to Little Nan, “Fly out with me!”

But obviously the Black Lion Eagle Beast didn’t know how to use its wings. It tried several times but couldn’t leap high from the ground. Resigned, he decided to give it a run-up, so it could leap high into the sky with the momentum. 


He yelled at Little Nan and led it to run.

Little Nan followed him and when they came close to the city wall, he leapt into the air; the beast followed him and leapt, too. When the momentum came to its end, the beast saw Ouyang Hongye was flying higher; desperately, it flapped its wings forcefully. The air currents pushed it up into the sky. It flapped its wings a few times and steadied its huge body as it ascended. This was the first time that it flew in the vast sky, and the freedom felt so good that it shrieked continuously in excitement as it soared in the air.

Ouyang Hongye landed and made a decision when he watched Little Nan fly happily in the sky: the beast belonged to the sky; it couldn’t be trapped by his side as his big cat. Unlike other Black Lion Eagle Beasts which acted like demons, Little Nan was so innocent and cute even though it was born from darkness.

He called out its name, “Little Nan!”

The Black Lion Eagle Beast heard his summon and landed slowly. It stumbled a bit since it was its first landing; still it shook its feathers smugly before him as if it was showing off its flying skills.

He patted its head and said, “Little Nan, you can fly to anywhere you want.”

The beast blink in confusion and tears seemed to well up in its eyes; obviously, it didn’t understand why its master wanted it to leave him.

“Yeah. You’re free. You should live in freedom and fly in the sky. Go. Go!” He repeated his words and waved at it.

It understood his words but was reluctant to leave him. Hesitantly, it took a few steps forward and walked back one step; it repeated the process a few times and finally leapt up into the sky. It soared above them for a while and disappeared into the distance as they watched.

Wangyue looked after it and lamented, “The little fellow is very loyal!”

After the Black Lion Eagle Beast was out of sight, Ouyang Hongye turned his attention to the youths. Only a couple of days had passed, but they looked more mature. He relaxed when he saw they were safe and sound.

He asked Ouyang Xiaoleng, “Have you found the land rune?”

Ouyang Xiaoleng nodded. “Yes. We handed it to Lord Yong.”

“Excellent! Good job!” Ouyang Hongye patted him on the back.

If it was in the past, Ouyang Xiaoleng would have moved away to dodge his hand, but now he stood there and accepted the pat calmly.

Xia Qiu was delighted to see he wasn’t as resistant to others’ touch as before. When he was with Qianqi, he didn’t speak much, but he would compete with and support Qianqi, acting like other boys in their school.

Ouyang Hongye was gratified to see this change in him. His dearest friend Ouyang Xueyue and Ran Susu entrusted their son to him before they died. Ignoring the protests of different parties in the capital city Yongchuan, he took the boy under his wing and raised him. He had been a flippant man and had never imagined that he’d raise a kid, but during the process, he grew from a big boy, who was reluctant to grow up, into a man of responsibility; he had become composed, determined, calm, and even shrewd while he tried his best to give the boy a safe environment to grow up. Now, assisting him to ascend the throne was his next mission.

“Dong Muya told us the clue about the sky rune is possibly hidden in Nanzhe Palace. Have you found it?” Ouyang Xiaoleng asked.

“Yeah. We found it on the fresco in the Nanzhe City Master’s private garden. If the record is right, the sky rune is concealed in the Immortality Island on the Crane Spring Land,” answered Ouyang Hongye.

“Crane Spring Land? You once told me that it’s the place closest to the god world, and spirit power is purified there.”

The moment he said it, Qianqi told Xia Qiu in excitement, “It’s said the ruler of that land is a beautiful fairy named the Feather Crane Immortal. I saw the Immortal’s portrait in Dongyao.”

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