Chapter 35: Its name is Green (Part One)

Facing such an intelligent creature, Xia Qiu decided to introduce herself first, “Hello. My name is Xia Qiu, the human blood pact partner of the Spirit Fox King.”

Ouyang Xiaoleng had told her that no more than 10 humans had entered the spirit world, so her interest was piqued when the white spirit horse told her she’d become his second human pact partner. She studied the horse and found its exquisite saddle looked different; its green eyes were as bright and clear as an emerald.

“I finally understand why the Life Tree made you my pact partner. My first pact partner was the mother of the Spirit Fox King who’s also your blood pact partner! The Life Tree stands in the center of the Spirit Horse Forest and functions as the heart and brain of the place; its roots deep in the soil and its branches high in the air can sense and receive all the information from this place and even the entire spirit world. Of course…” the white spirit horse paused for a second and continued, “With the knowledge it has received, it pairs us with the most fitting pact partners. In a while I’ll show you the Life Tree; we’ll finish the ceremony of pact making under it and set up the Dark Night Fairy’s secret words. When you say the secret words belonging to us, the Life Tree will send me to your side.”

The things it told her were so mysterious and interesting that she was eager to see the Life Tree. But right now, she was fascinated with the pure white spirit horse before her. She didn’t know how to describe its beauty. Fairy? Godly beast? Or Angel?

“What are you waiting for? Get on my back!” As she stood there in amazement, the horse urged her.

Xia Qiu had never ridden a horse before and didn’t know what to grip when she stepped into the stirrup. She recalled what she saw in a TV show and gripped the mane and reins; putting her left foot into the stirrup, she leapt onto the horseback and slipped her right foot into the other stirrup. The whole process was unexpectedly smooth and natural.

“You’re not a beginner.” The white spirit horse sounded satisfied.

“To be honest… This is indeed my first time to ride a horse,” Xia Qiu told it the truth.

“Your only problem is that you sat down too heavily. Remember, when you ride another horse, you must sit lightly, or it would get startled. Now hold the reins and my mane. Here we go!”

The horse began to gallop, catching her by surprise. It ran so fast that she had to bend down to stay close to the horseback. When wind whistled past her ears, she felt she had become one with the horse. No horse in her own world could run so fast. It carried her across the river and through the spirit horses on the opposite bank; it leapt over huge boulders and creeks until they entered a plain.

Standing in the plain, the Life Tree could be seen from afar with its huge branches and canopy. Around it stood many spirit horses but none of them were white.

“You can dismount now!” The white spirit horse slowed down and stopped before the Life Tree.

She got down from the horse and found the Life Tree looked even bigger from her new position. But other than its huge size, the tree looked no different than other trees. She wondered how it communicated with people.

“Human girl.”

An ancient voice resonated in her head and the ground shook with it.

“You’re the third human that has entered the Spirit Horse Forest. Your name? Yeah, Xia Qiu.”

Xia Qiu was amazed that the Life Tree knew her name before she spoke it.

“Green told me your name. I think it’s very satisfied to have you as its pact partner because your presence resembles its last pact partner,” the Life Tree continued, “Green is the name of the spirit horse that is about to make a pact with you. As you see, it’s the only white spirit horse in the spirit world. It moves more nimbly and more lightly than any other spirit horse. Compared with larger spirit horses, it’s fitting for humans who have a smaller build. Its soul is as noble and pure as its bloodline; only a person with a soul as pure as its own can have it. I hope you will appreciate its value and thus trust and cherish it!”

“Yes. I will!” Xia Qiu nodded.

She felt as if fate was directing her to Green, the mount that Xiaoleng’s mother Susu had used, and become its pact partner.

“Put your hand on Green’s forehead and chant silently after me!”

Green walked closer to Xia Qiu and bent its head, so she could put her hand on its forehead. The coolness from its silky hair touched her fingers.

“Summon Green, the Wind Messenger, the Dark Night Fairy,” said the Life Tree.

“Summon Green, the Wind Messenger, the Dark Night Fairy,” Xia Qiu repeated.

“Okay, you can put your hand down.”

She removed her hand and saw a golden round totem formed by complicated lines had been engraved on the place she had touched.

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