Chapter 36: Running across the spirit world on swift horses (Part One)

Xia Qiu was dressed in a long blouse and pants that Ouyang Yong had prepared for her. The outfit was comfortable and fitting for riding. The pale grey and red colors accentuated her clear and smooth skin. Ouyang Xiaoleng and Qianqi’s eyes brightened when they saw her in the morning.

Standing in the morning sunshine, the three of them were about to summon their respective spirit horses. The two boys felt intoxicated as they watched the breeze brush the lotus-leaf-shaped hems of her blouse. Xia Qiu was excited since it was her first time summoning her spirit horse. She was about to chant the secret words that the Life Tree taught her when she saw Ouyang Xiaoleng and Qianqi were staring at her. She felt a bit shy.

Ouyang Xiaoleng regained his composure before Qianqi did. Immediately, he turned his face away and silently chanted the secret words for his horse. The name of his spirit horse was Kylin; with a pure black mane, it looked much bigger than Xia Qiu’s Green. Its saddle was decorated in pure silver, and like its user Ouyang Xiaoleng, it carried a kingly cool pride. Before Ouyang Xiaoleng, it had made a pact with his grandfather Ouyang Li and his father Ouyang Xueye. 

Qianiqi’s spirit horse was called Koi. Except for its mane, tail and hooves which were black, it was bright red all over. As big as Kylin, it had a gold gilded saddle which looked even more luxurious than Kylin’s.

“Summon Green, the Wind Messenger, the Dark Night Fairy,” Xia Qiu chanted the secret words silently with some uneasiness.

She didn’t know how far the Spirit Horse Forest was from the capital city Yongchuan, so she had been doubtful when she heard that the spirit horse would appear immediately after she said the secret words. But miraculously, the moment the secret words were out of her mouth, Green appeared before her in a dark cloud. She reached out and touched his forehead, feeling the moisture of the morning dew from the forest. She took care to sit down on the back of the horse lightly. The moment she did it, Green began to gallop with the other two horses.

Ouyang Xiaoleng and Qianqi slowed down their horses for her, but the speed was still much faster than her ride in the Spirit Horse Forest. In fact, when the spirit horses ran at full speed, they were faster than flying with spirit power. Besides, the horses were very good at running on narrow mountainous paths and leaping over cliffs. Countless times she thought she’d fall from her horse, but it never happened.

Green didn’t like to run behind the other two horses; when they came to a vast plain, it caught up and ran abreast with its companions. Xia Qiu gripped the reins and mane tightly and her body tensed up in trepidation. It was tiring to remain in this posture, but she didn’t want to call out and make the boys worry about her.

Green wasn’t as big as Kylin or Koi, but it ran as fast as the other two horses. As time went by, Xia Qiu began to enjoy the ride. The things around her were a blur due to the great speed, but it made her feel she and Green had become one with the air and the sceneries around them. Soon her fear vanished, and her body relaxed.

After riding for two days and two nights, they finally met Ouyang Hongye and Wangyue. Now they needed to follow the clue and go to the Crane Spring Land to find the sky rune.

After Black Death failed his attack on Xia Qiu and Mother Rakshasa was defeated by Ouyang Xiaoleng and Qianqi, Green Cloud and his minions had been unusually quiet these days, which made Ouyang Hongye uneasy. Mother Rakshasa was severely wounded, but Green Cloud had lots of powerful subordinates. This quietness gave him the misgiving that Green Cloud was plotting something big.

Was he planning to conquer the world city by city as he had done 100 years ago? Would he concentrate his force and launch a sudden attack on the capital city Yongchuan as he had done 16 years ago? In both battles, he brought disasters to the spirit world. Ouyang Hongye knew Green Cloud wanted to become the master of three worlds, but his way of battling was so merciless that he didn’t even leave an exit for himself; it seemed he wanted to turn everything upside down even at the risk of his life. More likely, he did it to draw someone’s attention.

According to Ouyang Yong, the first Spirit Fox King, Li, had mentioned that Green Cloud had deep connections with the spirit world and the god world; after all, Li had once been the Silver Fox God and knew lots of things about the god world, especially the Heavenly God Qiansu’s way of doing things. If a devil god ran amok not only in the spirit world but in the human world as well, Qiansu would send gods to capture him or assist Li to put him into the Black Fire Hell. However, Qiansu had been lenient to Green Cloud, which puzzled Li. Usually Qiansu wouldn’t interfere with things in the spirit world and the human world, but to maintain the balance of the three worlds, he’d follow certain rules; but his attitude toward Green Cloud was very ambiguous.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

After exchanging greetings, they rode toward the Crane Spring Land. Ouyang Hongye, Fenghuo, and Wangyue took the lead with the three youths following them.

“At our current speed, we’ll reach the territory of Bird Concealment Platform tonight,” Ouyang Hongye told the others.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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