Chapter 4: First visit to the capital city of the spirit world (Part Two)

Making a blood pact was the prerequisite for Ouyang Xiaoleng to become the master of the spirit world. After that, he’d gain the Silver Fox God’s power, which could be used to contend with Green Cloud and intimidate the people who coveted the throne and the Spirit King’s Crown. It was a stone that could kill two birds.

When the second Fox Spirit King, Ouyang Xueye, was in reign, Ouyang Hongye had had more power than any other counts, but he willingly left his luxurious life and power in the spirit world and raised Ouyang Xiaoleng alone in the Old Ouyang Manor because he wanted to help the boy become the third Fox Spirit King, which was his vow to Xiaoleng’s parents; he’d do everything he could and use any means he had to fulfil it.

The school life went on as usual. The courses fell into a routine a few days after the opening ceremony. After a busy day in the school, Xia Qiu usually spent time with Liu Lingmei and Du He, doing window shopping or visiting each other’s home. Gradually, she became used to Ouyang Xiaoleng’s watchful eyes; after telling her his secret, he took guarding her as part of his daily life.

But accidents happen. It rained all day on Saturday and the sky finally cleared on Sunday. Xia Qiu and Liu Lingmei planned to go roller skating in the park before eating in the newly opened western-style fast-food restaurant on the business street. Du He had warned them about some gangsters hanging out around the park and told them not to venture into quiet places, but it was daytime on a weekend day, so they lowered their guard. 

The nearest exit of the park from the roller rink was a side door which connected to a relatively quiet lane; through this lane, they could walk directly to the road leading to the business street. After they left the roller rink, they chose to get out of the park through this side door. The lane out of the exit was lined by a wall of the park on one side and elm trees on the other side. As they walked, the afternoon sunshine penetrated the leaves and cast shadows on the ground.

Motor engines roared from both ends of the lane. Before they knew what was happening, several motor bikes blocked both their way and the exit. The motor bikers were hippy-looking teenagers wearing jeans with holes, studded gloves, and vests.

Subconsciously, Xia Qiu took Liu Lingmei’s hand and found it was icy cold. Obviously, her friend was terrified. Xia Qiu knew she must keep calm.

“I’m sorry, but could you let us pass?” She asked the nearest teenager who had dyed his hair yellow.

But the yellow-haired youth ignored her. When she studied them carefully, she found they looked weird: their needlepoint-like pupils were hollow and unfocused as if they had done drugs. They didn’t speak, but she could hear their voices resonating in the air, gnawing her nerves like vipers.

“Is she the human that Mother ordered us to find?”

“She’s the one.”


“Catch her and offer her to Mother; she’ll reward us.”

“Catch her.”


“How about the other human?”

“Kill her!”


“Lingmei, can you hear them?” Xia Qiu asked Liu Lingmei.

When she heard the word “kill”, she was also terrified. These gangsters’ weird behavior reminded her of Mother Rakshasa’s ghost servant, who had attacked her in Yongchuan Forest.

“I…I hear nothing. Qiu, they look weird!” Liu Lingmei’s voice trembled and her legs began to turn soft.

Liu Lingmei’s words confirmed Xia Qiu’s suspicion that these guys were not humans. They might have been able to get out here if there were only one or two gangsters; Xia Qiu had to admit that their situation was very dangerous. 

The teenagers got off their motor bikes almost at the same time and closed in on them. Some took out daggers while others drew out baseball clubs from behind. Xia Qiu held Liu Lingmei’s petite frame tightly, trying her best to shield her best friend. Liu Lingmei seemed to have passed out and Xia Qiu felt her friend had turned boneless in her arms. Suddenly, several hands reached out to separate them; her mind turned blank with her only thought that she couldn’t loosen her grip.

“Wind Stop Flames Rise!”

A familiar voice came to her ears as silvery lights flashed before her eyes; a tornado-like sword aura pulled the gangsters into the air and then threw them heavily to the ground.

“They are under the control of Mother Rakshasa,” said Ouyang Xiaoleng.

“Are they humans?” Xia Qiu heaved out a sigh of relief. When she was in despair, he appeared before her again.

“Yeah. They must be being controlled by the water from Dead Water Pond, a trick Mother Rakshasa likes to use on weak-willed humans. People under her control would call her Mother, become her puppets, and do everything she says.”

Warily, he glanced at Mother Rakshasa’s puppets on the ground. Feeling no pain, the gangsters got up one by one very soon.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Their voices resonated in Xia Qiu’s ears again.

“Mother said he’s our enemy.”

“Kill him, too.”


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