Chapter 4: First visit to the capital city of the spirit world (Part Six)

The biggest golden roof was surrounded by the other six roofs randomly. Xia Qiu couldn’t see the inside of the North Star Palace, but she could imagine its grandeur. When she was picturing the kings that had reigned the world in that palace, Ouyang Xiaoleng interrupted her thoughts as he said, “It’s time. Look!”

She looked over and saw streetlamps lit up one by one, engulfing the whole city in crystal, soft and beautiful white lights.

“Can you see what pattern it is?” he asked.

Xia Qiu looked carefully and found the streetlamps on the entire mountain formed a pattern of a snow lotus flower in bloom; its petals seemed to be greeting the purple night sky and the stars as bright as diamonds while the golden roofs of North Star Palace looked like its pistil. In front of this miraculous picture, everything else seemed insignificant. This sight filled her with admiration and brought tears to her eyes. She didn’t know how to describe the feelings she had right now. In her eyes, this wasn’t spirit world but paradise.

“Oh! It’s so beautiful! I like this place!” she yelled down the mountain and her voice echoed in this world.

Ouyang Xiaoleng looked surprised at first, then he smiled subconsciously; the smile was faint but contained the warmth from the bottom of his heart.

“I heard about legends saying that humans wouldn’t return home after coming to this place. Now I understand why.” Xia Qiu looked back and saw the smile on his lips. Something touched her heart when she saw this rare expression; it seemed part of the iceberg inside him had melted a bit.

“In the past 1,000 years, only a few humans came to this world. One of them was Ouyang Zhenhai who made the blood pact with my grandpa; one is Ouyang Yong, the First Elder of the spirit world; one is Princess Dan who is the wife of my father’s good friend Ember Dragon King; the other two are my mother Ran Susu and you. None of them left this world.”

“It turns out the legends are true. In fact, I’ve believed many of the legends are true since I was a child. It’s why l like to go into Yongchuan Forest; I wanted to find the legendary path leading to the spirit world.”

“Do you dare to put yourself into my care?” Ouyang Xiaoleng rose from the ground and stood on the rail on his toes; he leaned over and said to Xia Qiu who was standing behind the rail.

Xia Qiu’s heart missed a few beats when she heard his words, wondering what he meant. Did she dare to put herself into his care? It wasn’t like Ouyang Xiaoleng to say something so bold.

“I mean—do you trust me?” Ouyang Xiaoleng realized he had misspoken. Turning his face away, he explained in embarrassment.

“Yes!” Xia Qiu exhaled deeply and nodded.

“Give me your hand and close your eyes. Don’t open them until I tell you.”

Following his instruction, she extended her hand and closed her eyes. Then she felt he gripped her hand and a force pulled her upward.

“Open your eyes!”

She opened her eyes slowly and found she was soaring in the air above the brightly lit capital city. Ouyang Hongye had once brought her into the air above the Old Ouyang Manor, but this time, she felt totally different. With her hand held tightly in Ouyang Xiaoleng’s hand, she didn’t feel frightened at all; she felt as if she was willing to go anywhere with him.

Soaring in the sky for a while, Ouyang Xiaoleng finally brought her down to the Double Life Black Corridor in which someone was playing ancient zither; the tune was melodious and elegant. They walked in and saw Ouyang Hongye sat against a column playing zither while Manzhu and Shahua watched him in fascination.

“What are you doing here?” Ouyang Xiaoleng walked up and asked.

“I came to ask something from my old friends. I was told you two came here, too, so I waited for you,” Ouyang Hongye stopped playing and said.

“We’re leaving now.” As Ouyang Hongye looked at them with a strange look in his eyes, Ouyang Xiaoleng realized he was still holding Xia Qiu’s hand.

“I’m leaving, too. I’ll play another of my best tunes for you girls next time.” Ouyang Hongye stood up, picked up the zither and winked at Manzhu and Shahua.

“Thank you, Lord Hongye! Please come and visit us often!” With their bell-like voices, the sisters disappeared in the ocean of flowers hand in hand.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Ouyang Hongye had come to ask Manzhu and Shahua about the people who had passed the Double Life Black Corridor lately and if they saw anything weird about them. They told him that a person dressed in a black cloak had appeared in the corridor, but they didn’t see the face and thus didn’t know who this person was.

From the timeline, he guessed this person was Mother Rakshasa, who had used the water from the Dead Water Pond to control those gangsters to attack Xia Qiu. She must have noticed the realm shield around the forest had been strengthened after Xia Qiu got attacked in the forest and the bizarre deaths of the Ouyang descendants; the realm shield had more spells to sound the alarm if spirits tried to break it by force. She didn’t break the realm shield, instead using the gangsters who had stumbled into the forest. Ouyang Hongye didn’t know if Mother Rakshasa was the person who caused the bizarre deaths of the Ouyang descendants, but seeing how she became active after being silent for 16 years with Green Cloud’s disappearance, he was certain the return of Green Cloud wasn’t a false alarm.

“Do you want to know more about the blood pact?” Ouyang Xiaoleng asked Xia Qiu as he walked her home.

“I do,” she answered firmly.

“Hongye want you to come to the Old Ouyang Manor again. I hope you won’t be influenced by others and make a rash decision that you’ll regret later; you must follow your heart.”

“Okay.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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