Chapter 40: A talent comes out surface (Part One)

“Oh, it felt as if my soul came out of my body as I slept. I had similar experiences before, but this time it felt more distinct than ever. The last time when I had this feeling, I watched the scenes around me as an observer.”

Before she could finish, Ouyang Xiaoleng interrupted her, “The last time? Tell me about it.”

“Do you remember when you woke me up in Yongchuan Forest? You were angry at me for falling asleep in the forest!”

“How can I forget it?! That day Mother Rakshasa’s minion tried to attack you, but fortunately I came in time to stop it.”

“In fact, I had the same feeling as today’s after I woke up on the lake bank; I felt I entered another world in my dream. The entire forest was engulfed in dusk-like mist and I found a huge crack in the ground; drawn by the red lights from the crack, I looked down and saw many cages hung by chains and the monsters locked in the cages. I was scared and ran back but saw myself lying where I had been. I was standing there in confusion when you appeared and saved me. At that time, I thought it was just a dream, but…” Xia Qiu told him what happened on that day in one breath.

“You truly need to talk to Hongye. I think it’s Soul Departure, but your experiences sound very different from what I know about it. Do you know what you saw in the crack?” After hearing Xia Qiu’s description, Ouyang Xiaoleng couldn’t remain calm.

“Black Fire Hell?”

“Very likely! At least your description of it fits what I know about the place. Hongye is sleeping in the outer room and Fenghuo and Qianqi are taking the watch. Sleep for a while and we’ll talk to Hongye about it in the morning before we leave.” Ouyang Xiaoleng was concerned. After all, people who had just awakened the talent of Soul Departure would experience great pain both in their physical body and soul. He didn’t know if this talent was a blessing or a disaster for her.

“Okay.” Xia Qiu agreed but could sense the seriousness of the issue from his tone despite his effort to disguise it.

Seeing her uneasiness from her eyes, he placed his hands gently on her shoulders to comfort her. Feeling warmth from his fingers, her breathing turned deep and even. He drew her to the floor and lay down next to her, facing her with tenderness in his eyes.

At this moment, she felt the great intensity of her love for him; she had never loved someone so intensely before. She knew this wasn’t the time to dwell on her feelings for him, but her heart raced like a galloping pony. Gazing at each other, they gradually fell asleep.

The next morning, Xia Qiu was woken up by sounds outside of the house and found Ouyang Xiaoleng had left the room. Standing up, she walked out, looked down from the platform, and found the others had all packed up.

Ouyang Hongye looked up and saw her; he flew up and said, “You’re up. Xiaoleng said you didn’t sleep well last night, so we decided to let you sleep while we did the packing. We’ll leave very soon!”

Ouyang Xiaoleng had told him about Xia Qiu’s Soul Departure and showed him the paper with the drawings of the symbols. Before they left, Ouyang Hongye talked about the issue with Ouyang Xiaoleng and Xia Qiu.

“Xia Qiu, after you made the blood pact, your strength has increased and so has your ability of Soul Departure. As you mentioned, Soul Departure feels like your soul leaving your body while you sleep. In the beginning, your body feels weak but with practice, your Soul Departure ability will increase, and the feeling of weakness will disappear gradually. There are many kinds of Soul Departure, but it all begins from the place where you enter the state of Soul Departure. Anyone entering Soul Departure has the illusion of waking up from the place where he/she enters this state.

“What you experienced last night was a higher level of Soul Departure in which you entered another person’s time-curve in this space. Each of us has our own time-curves and the spaces we’re in record these curves which usually can’t be captured by others. However, the state of Soul Departure increases your ability to read time-curves, so you can read a certain moment’s time-curve of a certain person in the space you’re in, and form a scene in the space. This is quite unusual, but I’ve heard of people doing it. This kind of Soul Departure is restricted by space, and in your case, the bird house became an isolated space in your dream. When you tried to break out from the space, your Soul Departure came to an end, and the feeling of being sucked back into your body signaled the end of it.”

After the long explanation, Ouyang Hongye looked down at the paper in his hand and said, “I saw this book at Lord Yong’s. It contains records and legends about things from other worlds, which are objects and creatures not belonging to the spirit world; some of them might come from alternate worlds.”

“You and Lord Yong once told me that Black Death’s background is a mystery. In Yellow Spring Kingdom, we found black holes leading to alternate worlds; maybe there are such black holes somewhere in the spirit world. I wonder if Black Death is trying to find information about his past.” Ouyang Xiaoleng put the things together.

“Yeah, I think so, too. But what concerns me more is that Green Cloud seems to know everything about us. His spy in the capital city is no ordinary person.”

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