Chapter 44: Feather Crane Immortal (Part One)

Xia Qiu was astonished when she saw this human form since it was the figure that she had seen in her mind a moment ago. The red headwear, the white skin that obscured his features, the eyes as black as a lake in the dark night, the sick-looking complexion and lips, and the thick and heavy white robe on the long slim body were the same as she had just seen.

His eyes rested on her before he landed on the ground. She couldn’t discern the emotions in his eyes; was he angry because she was previously staring at him? Was he curious because she was a human? She didn’t know what he was thinking and thought he was too beautiful to be real. But his calm and cold air resembled Ouyang Xiaoleng’s.

“Heir to the Fox Spirit King; Ember Dragon King’s son; Red-Haired Fox Count… Today I have some rare visitors.” His voice was weak but charming; as he spoke, he glanced at the three people  he had just mentioned slowly and calmly.

“Feather Crane Immortal.” Ouyang Hongye bent his head to him, surprised that he had recognized them so easily. 

“You came a long way to visit my uncivilized Crane Spring Land. What do you want?” Feather Crane Immortal asked in a measured tone; his soft and beautiful voice oozed chill like a frozen flower.

“The four godly columns in the North Star Palace were damaged and the godly powers from the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise in the columns began to leak out, but the process has temporarily been stopped by two elders with their spirit powers. If the godly powers leak out and the columns collapse, the entire spirit world would be destroyed. We need the sky rune in Immortality Island to save the spirit world,” Ouyang Xiaoleng answered calmly.

“The spirit world is under the Fox Spirit King’s reign. I’ve stayed away from the business of the world for a long time and enjoyed my peace in this remote place close to the border; I never asked anything from anyone and don’t want to have contact with anyone. The sky rune is indispensable to me. I’m sorry but I can’t help you!” Feather Crane Immortal said to Xiaoleng.

“The spirit world is facing an unprecedented crisis. Please make an exception and help us!” Ouyang Xiaoleng implored.

Compared with the Yama King who had tried to hide the land rune at the beginning, the Feather Crane Immortal was forthright with them; Ouyang Xiaoleng realized he wasn’t a man who’d resort to schemes and thus wasn’t discouraged by his refusal.

“Thanks to the sky rune, my Immortality Island is full of life with mild climate which keeps flowers blooming all year round. If I gave you the sky rune, my island would be damaged. Besides, the spirit world is hopeless anyway, and I don’t care if it’s destroyed. I’d rather keep my Immortality Island lively as long as I can,” Feather Crane Immortal said emotionlessly.

“Please help us!” Ouyang Hongye begged, too.

“He’s rejected our request. Don’t waste our breath on him. Let’s catch him first.”

Fenghuo roared impatiently. Summoning his two big axes, he charged. He had found that he couldn’t muster his spirit power but thought he’d knock down the feminine guy with his physical strength and fighting skills. However, Feather Crane Immortal dodged his attack so lightly and nimbly that he knew he couldn’t catch up with the Immortal’s movements even if he had his spirit power with him. Then a long dagger slid out from the Feather Crane Immortal’s sleeve as he leapt behind Fenghuo gracefully and pressed the dagger against his heart from behind.

“Fenghuo, don’t be so impatient!”

Ouyang Hongye walked over and grabbed Fenghuo before lifting Feather Crane Immortal’s dagger lightly.

He was relieved when he realized Feather Crane Immortal didn’t exert much force on the dagger. It was obvious that they were not his match without their spirit powers. Ouyang Hongye pulled Fenghuo to one side and apologized, “Fenghuo became  impatient due to his concern for the fate of the spirit world. Please forgive him.”

“I’m not angry. I know how hot-tempered puma spirits are. But you must know you guys can’t defeat me in the Crane Spring Land. You can’t have the sky rune unless I give it to you willingly.” Feather Crane Immortal put away his long dagger and slanted a glance at Ouyang Hongye, saying, “Let’s do a deal.”

Gaining a glimmer of hope from his words, Ouyang Hongye nodded immediately, “I’m all ears!”

“As you know, the Immortality Island is everything to me and the sky rune is the most important thing on the island. If I give you the sky rune, you must compensate me with something, for example…” Feather Crane Immortal paused.

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