Chapter 45: Another person with the talent of Soul Departure (Part One)

“Why didn’t you tell the truth to my companions?” Xia Qiu finally understood why Feather Crane Immortal hadn’t wanted to give them the sky rune.

“I don’t trust them, which is why I didn’t tell them my secret. I don’t belong to this world, nor to the human world. No one knows my background and I don’t have any memories about my past. The only thing I can remember is that I woke up in this island and when I opened my eyes, the island woke up with me. Cranes brought me flower seeds, and I planted them as if the island was guiding me; soon, the island was filled with plants and trees, and butterflies and birds appeared from thin air. I’ve been bonded to the island since my birth. From the moment I woke up, I’ve had the sky rune on me; I don’t know why it appeared on me, but I believe it’s the only clue to solve the mystery of my background, which is why I cherish it so much.”

As he spoke, Feather Crane Immortal took out a small scroll tied with a golden red ribbon and showed it to her. He continued, “This is the sky rune. It contains unrivalled great power. For countless years, people came here for the rune but returned empty-handed because they couldn’t muster any spirit power in this place. Crane, deliver this to the Fox Spirit King’s heir who’s waiting on the opposite bank.”

He cautiously put the scroll in the crane’s beak and ordered it to fly to the opposite bank; he did it without hesitation as if he had joked about the connection between the sky rune and his life.

Xia Qiu was sad and didn’t know what to say as she watched the crane fly away with the sky rune in its beak.

“Thank you for staying! You’ll like this place. Without illnesses, hunger or conflicts, this is the place in the spirit world closest to the god world; time is slow here, but you can always enjoy different sceneries. You’ll never get tired of the island,” Feather Crane Immortal said with a faint smile.

Indeed, Xia Qiu’s body felt lighter after she came here, and her mind worked faster. Remembering her previous glance at him before they met, she asked tentatively, “Why did you want me to stay here with you? Is it because…I saw you before we met?”

“Yeah. Like you, I also have the talent of Soul Departure. Even though I never left this island, I can see any place in the spirit world at any time. When I watched you from the opposite bank, I noticed you were watching me, too. I was astonished because few people have this talent. What stunned me more was that the space-curve you saw overlapped with the space-curve I saw,” said Feather Crane Immortal.

Xia Qiu was intrigued. Ouyang Hongye had explained to her the basic working mechanism of Soul Departure, but it was unusual to meet a person with the same talent; she hoped he could teach her more about it. Besides, the Soul Departure she had just experienced was quite different from what Ouyang Hongye had described; what she had seen wasn’t something happening in the same space as her own, but in the Immortality Island which was some distance away from her. Eagerly, she asked, “In my previous Soul Departures, I could only see things happening in the space where I entered the Soul Departure state. But you just told me you can go to far-away places with Soul Departure.”

“The Cranes told me about the places they had flown to and I can go to those places according to their descriptions.” Feather Crane Immortal sat down on a chair in the pavilion and conjured another chair for Xia Qiu. “What interests me more is how a human girl got involved with people in the spirit world.”

“Not long ago, I became the blood pact partner of the Fox Spirit King’s heir,” Xia Qiu answered honestly.

“Blood pact. I know the legend about the Silver Fox God. But how did they persuade you to do it? I think the future of the spirit world has nothing to do with your own world, right?” Feather Crane Immortal was more and more intrigued by the girl and felt lucky that she had agreed to stay with him.

“I offered to make the blood pact with Xiaoleng. I understand that Green Cloud not only wants the spirit world, but the human world and the god world as well.”

“Have you guys considered what he’d do if he succeeded?”


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