Chapter 46: The Immortality Island (Part One)

“It’s useless to dwell on it. Xia Qiu made the choice for the future of the entire spirit world. We must respect her decision and can’t let her sacrifice go to waste. Lord Yong and Elder Cheng are waiting for us in the capital city. The first thing we must do is returning to the capital city as soon as possible and handing the sky rune to them,” Ouyang Hongye told the others.

He acted calmly and almost coldly in others’ eyes, totally different from his usual gentleness.

He fully understood why Xia Qiu made this choice. Ever since she made the decision to become Ouyang Xiaoleng’s blood pact partner, he had seen the human girl’s extraordinary determination and courage. He wasn’t surprised by her decision because he saw Susu in this girl.

“Hehe. All you care about is this guy’s ascent to the throne of the spirit world, right?” Qianqi sneered and pointed at Ouyang Xiaoleng.

Qianqi had spoken the words in a moment of passion, but they kindled the fire that was threatening to burn in Ouyang Xiaoleng’s heart. His calm façade shattered instantly as he slapped down Qianqi’s hand, something he’d never do on another day.

“What? You want a fight?” Qianqi finally found a way to vent his uneasiness and anger. Although they couldn’t summon spirit power here, fighting with bare fists was more fitting to their mood right now.

“Yes, I do.” Ouyang Xiaoleng made the stance for battle but was stopped by Ouyang Hongye.

“Wangyue! Fenghuo! Stop Qianqi!” he yelled.

The two youths were pulled back, but they were still poised to fight like two arrows on the bowstrings, ready to shoot out any moment.

“It’s not the time for fighting. You guys are wasting our precious time! Don’t you know why Xia Qiu offered to go to the Immortality Island?!” Ouyang Hongye asked Xiaoleng and Qianqi.

His words finally calmed down the two youths. In fact, they knew fighting with each other couldn’t get Xia Qiu back; they knew very well why she had made this decision. They just didn’t want to be separated from her. Looking at the green island in the distance, they decided to follow Ouyang Hongye’s instruction and return to the capital city of Yongchuan.

“If Feather Crane Immortal doesn’t return Xia Qiu as he promised after the crisis in the spirit world is over, I’ll come back and take her away from this place no matter what!” said Qianqi as he mounted his spirit horse Koi; then he yelled in the direction of the Immortality Island, “Xia Qiu! Wait for me!”

Ouyang Xiaoleng didn’t say anything but made the same decision. He hadn’t had a proper farewell with Xia Qiu and had to leave her behind. Ever since he appeared before her again, he had brought her nothing but difficulties and harm, but she bore them all silently. What was supporting her? Ever since they entered the Crane Spring Land, the Spirit King Crown in his body could no longer sense her presence; the feeling of emptiness was torturous, but he must carry on.

Xia Qiu didn’t know how long Feather Crane Immortal wanted her to stay, but she believed he wouldn’t go back on his words. The Immortality Island was so beautiful that she began to think it was nice to stay here for a while.

The sceneries on the island changed with every breeze. Butterflies and birds got used to her presence and began to fly around her. When she reached out her palm, they’d land on it without hesitation, giving her a tingling but comfortable feeling. The fragrance of flowers washed away her worries and sorrow; for an instant, she wanted to stay here forever.

She had the same thought when she came to the spirit world for the first time. During that visit, she had seen the purple sky and experienced the feeling of flying for the first time in her life and was totally fascinated by the grand North Star Palace. Maybe she was exhausted after the journey searching for the runes and wanted to pause and take some rest in this place.

Remembering another reason that she wanted to stay, she said, “I want to improve my Soul  Departure ability. Compared with people in this world, I’m rather weak. If I’m more proficient with the use of Soul Departure, I’ll be more helpful to my companions.”

So far, she had only two complete experiences of Soul Departure and both of them happened without her initiating them. She didn’t even know how to use this ability. If she could travel to different places with Soul Departure as Feather Crane Immortal did, she’d have more fun and be able to gather lots of important information.

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