Chapter 46: The Immortality Island (Part Two)

“Soul Departure is called a talent because it’s an innate ability. The more you force it, the more difficult it is to use it. Every person with the talent of Soul Departure has their own way to enter the Soul Departure state. I just merge myself with nature, imagining I’m part of the wind, the water, and the earth. The more relaxed my body is, the freer my soul becomes, so I can travel to the places I want to go with the power of the nature, and I won’t get lost or damage my soul during the process. You must find your own method to develop your talent. You have great potential and might one day surpass me in this ability.”

Without noticing it, Feather Crane Immortal had spoken a lot with Xia Qiu. He had lived alone in the Immortality Island ever since he woke up and all the words he had spoken before today were less than what he had said to Xia Qiu. The farther the sky rune went, the weaker he felt. The weakening of his strength was very obvious, and he attributed it to the fact that he had to sustain all the lives on the island.

“I want to sleep for a while. If you like, you can walk around the island. I’m sure you’ll like it.” Feather Crane Immortal walked over and sat down leaning his back on the railing of the island. The moment he sat down, he fell into a deep sleep; birds and butterflies rested on his body and fell asleep with him.

Watching him quietly, Xia Qiu thought he had truly become one with the island. If the island was a beautiful painting, then he was the fairy in the painting while she was also part of the scenery.

As she mulled over his words about finding her own method of using Soul Departure, she stood up and walked out of the pavilion, intending to appreciate the beauty of the rare flowers at close range and smell their fragrant scents.

Strolling down a gravel path, she inhaled the air mingled with the scents of soil and flowers. Only a peaceful fairy like Feather Crane Immortal could grow such beautiful flowers. Each scenery had its unique beauty; the island hadn’t looked big when she looked down from the sky, but it took her some time to cover every corner of it.

She thought Ouyang Xiaoleng and the others must have embarked on the return journey to the capital city of Yongchuan. Elder Cheng had promised that Ouyang Xiaoleng would ascend to the throne of the spirit world once the crisis was over. Like his grandpa and his father, he’d become the Fox Spirit King. She imagined him walking slowly on the red carpet in the center of the Tianquan Hall in the North Star Palace to his throne under everyone’s eyes. Unfortunately, she might not be able to witness this moment.

Suddenly, she saw a pale purple camellia wither quickly before her. Thinking she had seen it wrong, she looked closer and saw more flowers wither; the petals lost their moisture instantly and fell from the stems, spinning down to the ground. In the blink of an eye, a field of camellias died before her.

Alarmed, she remembered Feather Crane Immortal’s extremely pale skin and bloodless lips. Without the sky rune, he must have lost lots of his strength, but he had to sustain the lives in the entire island. She noticed that birds had stopped chirping and the entire island seemed to have fallen asleep with him. Hurriedly, she ran toward the stone pavilion.

When she came back, Feather Crane Immortal was still asleep leaning against the railing; his face looked paler as he slept there with one hand resting on his chest and the other on the railing. She walked over and noticed his breathing was shallow and slow. Remembering his words that the entire island would die gradually with the weakening of his strength, her heart grew heavy with sorrow. Who’d hand out his most important thing in exchange for a short period of another person’s company? Besides, she was a stranger to him and couldn’t give him anything.

With the hem of his heavy white robe draping on the ground, he slept peacefully except for the occasional fluttering of his eyelashes. She sat down next to him and watched him for a while until sleep overtook her.

She closed her eyes and dreamed about the North Star Palace; maybe it wasn’t a dream because everything she saw felt so real.

Ouyang Yong and Shi Wangcheng stayed in the Tianquan Hall day and night as they kept the godly powers from leaking out of the godly columns with their own powers. After Ouyang Xiaoleng and his companions found the land rune, the Azure Dragon column and White Tiger column were stable, but the situation with the Vermillion Bird column and Black Tortoise column was getting worse. The two elders were old and getting weaker each day with the continuous use of their spirit powers. The bright side of the situation was that the crisis also forced them to stay together without interruption for several days and nights, which greatly decreased the enmity between them. They had their first candid conversation in years.

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